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Weddings Can Be Stress-Free for Everyone Thanks to Help from Best-Selling Author Susan RoAne


Greenbrae, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2012 -- In a perfect world, weddings are the ultimate in joyous celebrations.

But as any bride, groom, attendant, parent or guest knows all too well, when it comes to nuptials, perfection rarely happens. Instead, stress, nervousness and anxiety are often unwelcome guests at the ceremony and reception.

Susan RoAne, a best-selling author of seven books and professional keynote speaker, understands that many members of the wedding party -as well as their guests- often arrive at weddings feeling bashful and unsure of themselves. She knows how many a shy bride and groom end up with a full-blown case of nervous stress on what should be one of the happiest days of their lives.

RoAne, who has been a master of ceremonies at several weddings as well as a wedding greeter, recently wrote an article called “Jumpstarting June’s ‘Swoon’ Season.” In it, she offers valuable lessons that readers can use all year long. From tips on how to work a room® to advice for the shy attendant who needs to deliver memorable wedding toasts, RoAne can help calm even the most shy groom or guest.

“Beside all the planning, the details, the decisions, the protocol, the family issues and etiquette, there is the much-dreaded conversation conundrum: what do I say next? Especially to the people I may not know!” RoAne said.

“In other words, how do we ‘work a wedding’ and mingle memorably among the guests?”

In her article, RoAne, who has also worked as a conversation coach, suggests that brushing up on current events, news and sports stories ahead of time can help nervous guests feel more confident about their conversation skills.

When speaking with others, concentrating on topics like the wedding, the food, traffic or weather can make people feel more at ease. RoAne notes that working hard to truly listen to others during conversations will help them feel more comfortable. This means no texting, checking emails, or looking around the room to see who else might be at the event.

By following the tips that RoAne offers in her article, weddings and other events can truly become fun, enjoyable and even relaxing occasions for everyone.

About Susan RoAne
Susan RoAne has been quoted in Brides, The Knot, Wedding Belles, Modern Bride, Men's Health (on toasts), Gentlemen's Quarterly and has been an MC at several weddings and a "wedding greeter", The Welcomer!

Susan is also the leading authority on helping people learn the needed tools, techniques and strategies they need in order to communicate and connect successfully and effectively in today’s fast-paced business world. The best-selling author of seven books she has traveled the world working as a professional keynote speaker. For more information about Susan's "Work" a Wedding and her availability as The Wedding Greeter, please visit http://www.susanroane.com