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Weekend Promotion for Leawo iTunes Alternatives on Leawo Mid-Year Sale


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2015 -- Leawo Software recently kicked off the Leawo Mid-Year Sale, and released several pieces of best-selling software for sale with competitive discount. Now customers have a chance to participate in the weekend promotion (August 29 to August 30) of this big sale, and get the helpful iTunes alternatives with 30% off.

Leawo Mid-Year Sale is a three-part promotion for all users. The programs released for this promotion are all best sellers among all Leawo products. Now customers can join the weekend promotion of the second period of Leawo Mid-Year Sale, and they can get the programs they need with very attractive prices. During the promotion, Leawo iTunes alternatives are available with 30% discount, and Leawo DVD Copy is available with $9.95.

Leawo iTunes alternatives include Leawo iTransfer, Leawo Tunes Cleaner and Leawo iOS Data Recovery. These programs are helpful for the iPhone, iPad and iPod users in their daily life. Leawo iTransfer helps to transfer files without the sync of iTunes, and it is $13.96 now on Leawo Mid-Year Sale; Leawo Tunes Cleaner helps users to clean up all the duplicate songs in their iTunes Music Library, and fix the music tags, now it's $27.99 on this weekend; Leawo iOS Data Recovery helps to recover deleted files from iOS devices, and extract data from iTunes and iCloud backups, and it's now $41.96 on the weekend promotion.

The second period of Leawo Mid-Year Promotion won't come to an end until the last minute of August 31, so this weekend can be the best time for the customers to get the programs they need. People only need to choose the right version of the program (Win & Mac) for their computer, and click the corresponding Buy Now button to get the program. Note that the prices mentioned are for one-year license.

For more information of Leawo Mid-Year Promotion, please pay a visit to the official promotion page here:

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Leawo Software is a professional solution provider that focuses on multimedia conversions, Blu-ray/DVD playback and conversions, data transfers and recoveries of iOS devices. The company has developed hundreds of programs which are used by more than a million users all over the world. The users of Leawo products speak highly of the programs, and they also provide very helpful feedback to help Leawo Software make more improvement in the software development.

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Leawo iTransfer: http://www.leawo.org/itransfer/
Leawo Tunes Cleaner: http://www.leawo.org/tunes-cleaner/
Leawo iOS Data Recovery: http://www.leawo.org/ios-data-recovery/