WeePallet Develops Blow Molded Plastic Pallets for Heavy Duty Industry


Shanghai, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2016 -- WeePallet today announced new blow molded plastic pallets for heavy duty industry. This is an effort by the company to facilitate chain supply operation in various industries such as chemical, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, just to mention a few.

"As a company, we understand the importance and need to have a versatile plastic pallet that is durable and resistant to low temperature conditions," said Blue Zeng, WeePallet product manager. "All our blow molded plastic pallets feature superior performance characteristic even at -40 ºC and they are a perfect substitute to wooden pallets."

About WeePallet's blow molded plastic pallets

This a heavy duty plastic pallet molded from high quality HDPE plastic. It is among the range of plastic pallets and crates the company has produced since its inception.

Main features of a WeePallet plastic pallet for heavy duty applications include:

1. Consistent thickness and dimension stability
2. Good weather resistance - up to -40 ºC.
3. Long service lifespan
4. Impact resistant
5. High load capacity - both static loads (4 to 5 metric tons) and dynamic load (2 to 3 metric tons).
6. Strong and durable
7. Adaptable to any working environmental condition
8. Unique molding process - blow molding
9. Molded from high quality and virgin HDPE
10. Eco-friendly and sustainable - 100% recyclable material
11. Easy to handle with a forklift

WeePallet becomes one of the first companies to invest a lot in blow molding, alongside other manufacturing process such as thermoforming and injection molding.

The WeePallet plastic pallet is available for wholesale and OEM businesses. All orders can be processed through the company's official website. Both product distributors and OEM business may also order for customized WeePallet plastic pallets.

The plastic pallets are available in different designs, shapes and colors. This is for standard size pallets.

At the moment, WeePallet produces 15,000 pieces of plastic pallets every day. Thus, the company can also process bulk orders, with fast turnaround guaranteed.

Prices and quality

WeePallet guarantees price advantage and high quality manufacturing process. The company uses virgin HDPE with sophisticated technology in the blow molding process. All businesses are assured of 100% customer satisfaction and a warranty for every plastic pallet purchased. The prices vary per plastic pallet. For more information on prices, contact technical team

The company is ISO 9001 certified. All plastic pallets are tested for safety and hygiene. They can be trusted for pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry.

All plastic pallets are manufactured to meet the ASTM D1185 - 98a (2009) and quality verified using different testing techniques. They also conform to EN ISO 8611-1: 2011, EN ISO 8611-2: 2011 and EN ISO 8611-3: 2011.

Where to use WeePallet plastic pallets (industries)

WeePallet blow molded plastic pallets for heavy duty applications are molded for all industrial chain supply processes. They serve customers in beverages, brewery, dairy, chemical, tobacco, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, automated warehouse, and other related industries.

About WeePallet
Over 10 years of plastic pallets and crates molding expertise, WeePallet has become an internationally recognized manufacturing force. It is a premier manufacturer and supplier of plastic crates and pallets, mainly molded from high quality HDPE and PP materials. The company prides of experienced technicians/engineers, sophisticated technology and high production capacity (15,000 parts per day).

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