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WeeTect Introduces High Quality Auto Darkening Welding Lens


Songjiang, Shanghai -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2015 -- Introducing high quality auto darkening welding lens is a safety measure that WeeTect has pioneered since 1993. This week, WeeTect has announced that they will be introducing new safety equipment in the market.

"It goes without saying, that helmets come in handy when one is doing a welding job. There are many more safety accessories that people ought to put on, while doing such kind work," said Leizi Sun, the Marketing Manager. "But, the importance of auto darkening welding lens cannot be ignored at all cost," he added.

There are many types of helmets, and different manufacturing companies. Formally, many welding helmets could be made of a lens and thick leather. These days, they are made of molded plastics and a lens, which serves the same purpose, but at an increased convenience.

There are a number of benefits when using a mask while welding. To start with, when welding without this protective gear, your eyes are exposed to the UV and infrared light caused by the arc. This causes cataracts and makes the retina to burn. This is also known as welders flash. Many welders would not easily notice the effects however; they may cause partial blindness and other complications. Therefore, every welder should put on the protective gear. The helmets also protect one from sparks, which could otherwise burn your skin or clothes.

There are two common types of lenses, used in welding helmets, namely the standard and the auto-darkening lens. The use of the auto-darkening lens these days is on the increase due to its far and reaching advantages over the standard lens. The standard lens welding helmet works in a rather manual way. The welder is required to reach the pivot of the lens, to focus it on the work area, then up and away from his face when finished.

Some of the disadvantages to this type of lens are that it will require more space, which could be limited suppose are working under a low vehicle. Another disadvantage is that the process of flipping the lens every other time is considered cumbersome. Also, even as it may come cheaper than the auto-darkening lens, the quality of work done by most learners would be poor, since they will find it hard to position the torch after every flip.

The auto-darkening lens on the other hand, uses a completely different approach, as they use an electric filter lens. This makes your work to be fun and easy because the helmet has controls for the lens. You do not have to remove or flip the helmet every other time. If you compare work done by a welder using these two lenses, the work done using auto-darkening lenses will stand out.

With this type of helmet, a lens is able to move from a shade of 9 to 13 or even more, when you make the arc. This happens at a very high speed, than your eye could detect. It will then automatically go to its normal state when you finish welding. This means that your hands will be free all the entire time, making it easy for you to focus on issues that are more important.

Selecting an auto-darkening helmet should not be a daunting task as various bodies nowadays tests them before they are available in stores. In addition, there are a number of helmets with different colors and styles, to make your work much more enjoyable.

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WeeTect has shown competence in manufacturing safety equipment that are used in industrial applications. Introducing the high quality auto darkening welding lens is a major milestone that is likely to guarantee safety for all workers.

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