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WeeTect Introduces Modern Face Shields with Proper Protection to Prevent Eye Injury


Songjiang, Shanghai -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2015 -- WeeTect has introduced a modern face protection shield that is used in a number of industrial applications. Other safety devices include welding lens covers, safety face shield and fog-free shower amongst other equipment.

According to a research that was conducted by WeeTect this year, there are several workers who get injured every year that require serious medical attention. For instance, in America alone, over 2,000 of workers in industries do complain of eye injuries. These injuries range from both small particles to serious eye injuries that result in permanent injury or blindness.

During this research, WeeTect noted that a good number of these injuries can be prevented by investing in the right face shield with the right protection criteria. Some of the major causes of eye and face injuries include:

1. Small particles of wood or metal getting into people's eyes during grinding

2. Exposure to arc flashes during welding

Due to these main risk exposures, WeeTect has invested in a number of modern face shield protection devices such as:

The safety glasses

There are general and hybrid safety glasses that are used in a number of industrial applications. The use of these goggles and shield have reduced injuries in industries. They have been designed to protect workers from flying particles. These glasses feature the anti-fogging technology. This has also enhanced safety and protection. In addition to these, the foam or rubber coating have been incorporated in safety glasses. This helps to keep the dust, wood and metal particles out.

Safety goggles

The use of safety goggles has also gained popularity. They are used to protect workers from chemical splashes, welding light and high impact. These modern safety gadgets should maximize splash protection, little fogging and ample airflow.

The face shields

The WeeTect's face shields are designed to protect workers from high impact, blood borne and chemicals. There is a wide range of safety equipment to choose from. These include the metal coating and tint. It is advisable that you should wear goggles and safety glasses underneath the face shield.

Welding eye protection

This company has also invested in this safety equipment that meet the high standard of technology. These welding protection gadgets include the following: respirators, face shields, goggles and helmets. It is upon every worker to ensure that they wear the right safety equipment.

To meet the desired quality standards, these products have been designed to meet the international standards through various tests such as: anti-fog, refractive power and abrasion. This is to ensure that the end product remains reliable and adaptable to a wide range of industrial application. Through research and technology, the company has been able to produce a number of products such as:

1. The helmet visor and these include, motorcycle, hockey, full face respirator and football visors.
2. Face shields such as safety face, UV face and ballistic masks.
3. Tint film such as window, frosted, anti-fog, anti-scratch and window tint film.

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