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WeeTect Publishes a New eBook on Ultimate Guide for Anti-Fog Solutions


Shanghai, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2016 -- WeeTect has today published an eBook on the Ultimate Guide for Anti-fog Solutions. This is part of the company's initiative to provide a free online resource center for both professional and newbies in the anti-fog industry.

Taylor Lei, the WeeTect product manager announced the company's efforts to support the anti-fog solutions industry by providing free eBooks. This will act as a one stop shop for high quality information about anti-fog solutions for end users and anti-fog solutions manufacturing companies

"We strive to provide valuable information, especially the technological advancements and innovations in the anti-fog industry by publishing free eBooks," said Taylors Lei. "Our goal is to ensure everyone gets the right information, which they could otherwise pay for. This will also complement the information we have on our company's blog about anti-fog products."

About Ultimate Guide for Anti-fog solutions
The Ultimate Guide for Anti-fog Solutions is a 20K words eBook that covers all anti-fog solutions and technology used in the industry. It expounds on every technology using various diagrams and videos. This makes the eBook easy to read and understand.

This eBook is basically divided into 11 distinct sections that include:

Introduction to Anti-fog solution - this is an overview and brief history of anti-fog solution. Key products featured in this section include sprays, creams and gels.

Anti-fog coating - covers technological advancements in the coating industry with the main focus being polyester, polycarbonate and anti-fog fog back adhesive.

Anti-fog film - it's a comprehensive coverage on polyester and polycarbonate anti-fog films and their applications in the industry.

Anti-fog plastic sheet - these include anti-fog, anti-fog sheets with anti-scratch capability and anti-fog sheets with anti-bacterial ingredients.

Anti-fog sprays - covers the working principle of anti-fog sprays and examples available in the industry.

Anti-fog helmet visors - all applications of helmet visor, such as motorcycle, hockey, football, pilot, visor inserts, respiratory and paintball visors.

Anti-fog goggles and glasses - these include riding, car racing, sports or motorcross goggles.

Anti-fog sheets - they are mainly face shields, shower mirrors, ballistic face shields and windshield.

Anti-fog film applications - it focuses on polycarbonate and polyester materials for freezer doors.

Anti-fog solutions for screen protectors - main applications include IP camera, speedometer, instrument cluster and test instruments.

Leading companies in the anti-fog solution manufacturing

The user can either download the eBook for FREE or read it online. Apart from this, WeeTect has also published A Complete Handbook for Anti-fog Visor Inserts. It can be downloaded for FREE from the company's official website.

About WeeTect
WeeTect Material Limited's mother company WS plastic lens has been in this industry since 1993. By 1998, they had delivered their first 1 million visors besides investing $3 million for a military face shield. WeeTect is investing in quite a number of anti-scratch and anti-fog products. The new products available in the market include anti-solution for IP camera, instrument clusters and speedometer.