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WeeTect Starts a New Factory to Produce Welding Lens Cover


Songjiang, Shanghai -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2015 -- Establishing a new factory to produce welding lens cover will improve both safety and the welding efficiency. Manufacturing welding equipment that are light and can reduce the bright light from the welding process is really important.

Understanding welding process

Arc welding, a type of welding that uses both direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) power supplies. The bright light is produced when the electric rod gets close or in contact with the material. This produces bright light and emissions. The weld is formed by melting the metal.

Constructing a subsidiary WeeTect Company to manufacture welding lens cover will protect the end users from the following key dangers:

1. Emissions such as ultraviolet radiation

2. Sparks and infrared light

3. Heat and flash burns

Investing in this new company is a viable venture when it comes promoting safety in the manufacturing industry. This project aims not only to protect the worker but also ensures a constant flow of welded products and welding services. In fact, it boosts the quality of the products.

WeeTect's new company features the following:

1. Weight

Weight is a very important aspect to consider when manufacturing welding lens covers. WeeTect will be focusing on the weight of the welding lens cover. Producing the lightest welding equipment possible will ensure that the workers can go about their daily routine efficiently.

This is because the product is not supposed to act as a hindrance to someone because of its weight, but it should protect them and boost their level of production. A heavy cover only creates fatigue, hence reducing one's zeal.

2. Darkness of the filter glass

Here, there are two types of darkness of the filter glass that WeeTect will be using. The company has both the fixed shade and the variable grade materials. The fixed shade filter glass of the lens cover is fixed with one type of shade, which cannot be varied. This targets those welders who deal with one type of metal such as steel of specific thickness.

In the variable shade filter glass, the shade can be varied depending on the type of metal being welded and the thickness. It is also the best type of filter glass because it can be used in both fixed shade and variable shade.

3. Safety

This makes the choice of material and important aspect of the entire manufacturing process. They are manufactured from materials that do not crack easily and are UV resistant. All materials go through a thorough scrutiny to ensure that quality and safety is not compromised.

In addition to these, some WeeTect welding lens covers are fitted with leather or materials that can block harmful rays.

4. Switching speed

This for the variable filter shade. Switching speed is the rate at that a welding lens cover is able to switch from its natural state which is shade 3 to a darker shade. The faster it switches the better. This is because any delays can cause a serious damage. The new welding lens cover also feature this technology.

WeeTect, which is the leading lens cover manufacturer, validates all the specifications such as a darker shade as they advertised with the American National Standards Institute. This is done through independent laboratory tests to ensure compliance. This is also the main reason why the company has been setting up their testing laboratories.

American national standards institute (ANSI) is an organization which oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards of products both in the United States and worldwide by coordinating with international standards.

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