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WeeTect Starts to Supply Anti-Fog IP Camera Lens to Main IP Camera Manufacturers


Shanghai, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2016 -- WeeTect today announced it will start supplying main IP camera manufacturers with the WeeTect Anti Fog Anti Scratch IP Camera Lens (WAFASIPCL). The WAFASIPCL is an optical grade anti-aging lens with both anti-fog (inside of the lens) and anti-scratch (outside of the lens) coating. This is part of the innovative solutions WeeTect has introduced in the industry over the last 1 year.

"Our WeeTect Anti Fog Anti Scratch IP Camera Lens is formulated specifically to exceed expectations of the end users since it eliminates both fog and scratches that obscure vision," said Taylor Lei, WeeTect product manager. "We would like to thank WeeTect technicians and engineers, for making this happen. This a breakthrough technology that will revolutionize the IP camera lens manufacturing industry, and we are happy to be among the pioneers of this new technology."

The WAFASIPCL blends very unique features that aim to improve performance and reliability of IP camera. Product resellers, OEM partners can order for this product directly from our main factory in China.


The new WAFASIPCL for IP cameras come with:

1. Anti-fog coating technology - this is on the inside section of the lens. The anti-fog coating has hydrophilic ingredients. It is safe and prevents fogging through molecular interaction between water droplets and hydrophilic ingredients. Water droplets spread into a very thin film that minimizes light distortion.

2. Anti-scratch coating - it is on the outer surface of the IP camera lens. It is a hard coating that protects polycarbonate lens surface from abrasive environmental conditions. As a result, the polycarbonate lenses for IP cameras will remain scratch free throughout their service lifespan.

3. Additional technology - to make all WeeTect Anti-fog, Anti-scratch IP Camera Lens more versatile, the company has also incorporated extra technology. The outside surface may also have an anti-graffiti coating. This will protect all IP camera lenses against water, oil or other contaminants.

Basically, WAFASIPCL is a multi-purpose product designed for all types of lenses, irrespective of where they will be installed. With this new WeeTect's technology in the IP camera lenses manufacturing industry, consumers will benefit from the following key features:

1. Superior anti-fog features even very humid weather conditions
2. Enhanced anti-scratch performance
3. UV resistance
4. Impact resistance
5. Longer service lifespan
6. Excellent optical clarity - class 1

Technology WAFASIPCL

To achieve this, WeeTect has invested in a number of technologies such:

1. Flow coating
2. Dip coating

The company uses these two processes to coat the polycarbonate lens for IP cameras. Also, the main curing technologies include the UV and thermo curing techniques.

Moreover, all WeeTect anti-fog, anti-scratch IP camera lens are subjected to testing and quality validation. This takes place at every stage of the manufacturing process. It ensures WAFASIPCL complies with the ANSI Z87.1, EN166 and EN170 standards.

Availability of WAFASIPCL

WAFASIPCL is available in standard thickness of 1mm. It can also be cut to any size depending on the needs of the IP camera lens manufacturer.

The IP camera manufacturers can send "Request For Quotation" on our official website or send email inquiry to: sales@weetect.com directly.

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WeeTect Material Limited's mother company WS plastic lens has been in this industry since 1993. The company has invested in a number of face safety gears and anti-fog solutions. By 1998, they had delivered their first 1 million visors besides investing $3 million for a military face shield. WeeTect unveiled different anti-fog solutions for foggy lens, speedometers, instrument cluster and IP cameras.

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