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Wegscheiderite Market to Partake Significant Development During 2017-2027

Wegscheiderite is also called as sodium hydrogen carbonate. It is originated by the Name of Rudolf Franz Johann Wegscheider, the Austrian chemist, who first found the compound.


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2018 -- Wegscheiderite is a new semitransparent mineral that was firstly found in the drill core of the Perkins well No. 1 the green river formation, Wyoming, United States with chemical formula Na5 (CO3) (HCO3)3. Wegscheiderite is also called as sodium hydrogen carbonate. It is originated by the Name of Rudolf Franz Johann Wegscheider, the Austrian chemist, who first found the compound. Wegscheiderite is greasy pale pink transparent platy crystalline which is available in syenite rock and substitute of Wegscheiderite in the lacustrine deposit. When the reaction of sodium carbonate is done with water vapour in pure carbon dioxide, and at pressure vapour between 1 × 104 and 5 × 104 N m–2. The resulted product, wegscheiderite, vary with pressure and temperature, and stability fields are presented. Wegscheiderite is soluble water and widely used in glass manufacturing, paper, and pulp industry, and making detergents and soaps.

Global wegscheiderite Market: Drivers and Restraints, Segmentation, Overview, Regional Overview

The key driving factor of Wegscheiderite market is growing the chemical industry, owing to the rapid rise in glass manufacturing in the market. It is widely used in industrial applications of soda ash in glass, detergents, and textiles. Moreover, the growth of Wegscheiderite market is fueled by the factors such as availability of Wegscheiderite in the mines, wide industrial applications and concentrated source of mines. Thus, Wegscheiderite market is expected to grow with significant CAGR in the forecast period 2017-2027. However, the major factor affecting the Wegscheiderite market is the environmental issues and air quality concerns. The Environmental Protection Agency is the responsible agency for the maintenance of air quality in the areas where the market exist. Moreover, the prolonged contact with the Wegscheiderite may cause eye and skin irritation. It reacts with the acids to form carbon dioxide and heat. Thus these factors mentioned above stagnates the growth of Wegscheiderite market in the forecast period 2017-2027.

Wegscheiderite Market Segmentation By End Use – Chemical, Pulp and paper, Textile, Food & Beverages, Healthcare/Pharmaceutical; By Application – Water softening agent, Cleaning agents, Used in flower and plants treatments, Cattle feed supplements, Fire extinguisher

Global Wegscheiderite market segmentation is done by end use industry type includes food & beverages, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, pulp and paper and Textile. Among above mentioned end-use industry, Chemical industry is estimated to account highest market share over the forecast period in wegscheiderite market across the globe. Another segmentation of global Wegscheiderite market is done by application types such as water softening agents, cleaning agents, cattle feed supplements and used in flower & plants treatment and fire extinguisher. Cleaning agents segment is estimated to witness a positive growth in global wegscheiderite market.

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Based on geography, global Wegscheiderite market is segmented such as the Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America, Asia Pacific excluding Japan and Japan. North America accounts highest market share across the globe followed by Western Europe. It is estimated to witness a high growth in highly emerging countries such as Brazil, China, Argentina, and India. Wegscheiderite is mostly used as the cleaning agent and water softening agents in these regions. The consumption of Wegscheiderite and production facilities in each region is also changing with respect to chemical and food & beverages industry whereas the United States is the dominant country and the leading producer of Wegscheiderite across the globe. Apart from the United States, it is also mined in China, Turkey, Mexico and Africa. China is expected to witness a positive growth in wegscheiderite market cross the globe.

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