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Weidner Energy Savers Is Now Offering Air Filters and Air Cleaners


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2013 -- Weidner Energy Savers has been offering emergency heating service in King of Prussia since 1932. However, Weidner Energy Savers provides many services in the greater Philadelphia area, including air filtration. For most seasonal allergy sufferers, the spring represents the most uncomfortable time. However, the spring has passed in 2013 and the so called “allergy season” continues to be in full effect. Most allergists and pulmonologists agree that 2013 has been one of the worst years for seasonal allergies in recent history. Spring flowers and blooming trees, although beautiful, can be extremely aggravating for allergy sufferers. Many individuals will develop symptoms, including: sore throat, sneezing, coughing, congestion, itching, and more. Some people assume that allergens are only a threat outdoors. However, tree, weed, and grass pollen counts can be high inside one’s home. Thankfully, homeowners can now rely on Weidner Energy Savers for air filters and air cleaners to help fight allergies.

The National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases estimates that about 35 million Americans suffer from upper respiratory symptoms related to pollen. Pollen count is a measure used to identify the amount of pollen currently traveling through the air. Some experts attribute the high pollen count and extended allergy season in 2013 to global warming conditions. Other experts state that major weather events, like Hurricane Sandy, have brought an excess of precipitation to the area and have led to very high pollen counts.

Pollen is only one of the many allergens that can cause unwanted symptoms. Another culprit, mold, is also routinely measured by allergists and weather forecasters. There are several tools that experts use to assess mold spore count. One tool, the Burkard volumetric spore trap, captures mold spores over a seven day period. Both pollen and mold spore counts have been extremely high in 2013. Air filters and cleaners, offered through Weidner Energy Savers, can help to protect one’s home from these unwanted allergens. Most air filters can be used for up to two years and they are one of the most cost-efficient tools to fight allergies. Weidner Energy Savers is more than happy to discuss the different techniques available to reduce allergy symptoms in one’s home.

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