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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Eliminate the Need for Weight Calculators Because Fat Is Quickly Eliminated Through Carbohydrate-Free Keto Diets

Diet Doc’s prescription hormone weight loss diets now include carbohydrate-free keto diets that allow patients to see such rapid results that weight calculators become unnecessary.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- Determining total body mass and using weight calculators to record weight gain, and weight loss, can easily be discarded by patients that choose to begin Diet Doc’s prescription hormone weight loss diets. Dieters in California who have become accustomed to the constant increase and decrease in their weight may not believe that the secret to fast and easy fat loss is through a keto diet plan and not the numbers in a weight calculator. But, because of the proven results for those who have followed Diet Doc’s prescription hormone weight loss diets, many California dieters have begun following a keto diet plan and have successfully lost weight, with some losing up to almost a pound of excess and embarrassing fat per day.

Keto diet plans were originally designed to treat patients suffering from seizures, not those obsessing over their weight calculator, but during their use, they were quickly recognized for their benefits as part of fast weight loss diet programs. Keto diets are based on the premise that the body burns processed carbohydrates for fuel, leaving excess fat to be stored throughout the body. By eliminating processed carbohydrates as the body’s main source of fuel, a new source is necessary and the body naturally gravitates toward that stored fat. Once stored fat starts being burned for energy, the patient has successfully reached a state of ketosis and is able to lose weight fast.

Diet Doc understands that eliminating processed carbohydrates can be challenging and supplements their prescription hormone weight loss diets with natural diet pills and treatments that control hunger and suppress the appetite. Being able to follow a keto diet without nagging cravings allows patients to step back and reevaluate their unhealthy eating habits, easily eliminate processed carbohydrates and begin including lean meats, vegetables and fruits as part of their daily meals. Patients will also begin working with a certified nutritionists who will educate and counsel them on which foods are low in carbohydrates or carbohydrate-free and which foods, instead of a weight calculator, will best assist them during their weight loss diet.

Because Diet Doc is dedicated to helping patients reach their initial fat loss goals without a weight calculator, they offer their services on an unlimited basis, six days per week. Should patients have questions about their prescription hormone weight loss diet, require food suggestions appropriate for a keto diet or simply desire support and encouragement during this important journey, the Diet Doc team of weight management professions is available for unlimited consultations.

And, to make prescription weight loss diets even more accessible to their clients, patients are able to consult with physicians, nurses and certified nutritionists over the phone or the internet, within the privacy of their own home. Diet Doc understands the time and money necessary for traveling to a clinic to use a weight calculator, consult with a weight counselor or pick up fat burning supplies and offers their weight loss diets completely through telemedicine to save their clients both time and money.

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