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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announce New Weight Loss Coffee Extract That Is Seamlessly Incorporated Into hCG Diets to Help Lose Weight Fast

Diet Doc’s unique combination of natural supplements like weight loss coffee extract and healthy, low calorie meal plans have made their hCG diets the nation’s leader in medically supervised weight management.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2013 -- As obesity rates continue to climb at a staggering speed, dieters in New Jersey are looking for the answers for how to lose weight fast and how to sustain their weight over time. Fortunately, Diet Doc created their hCG diets to offer clients a fast and easy way to quickly shed excess weight and to maintain their slim, sexy figure over time. Diet Doc’s exclusive protocol was developed specifically for their hCG diets and utilizes naturally powerful herbal supplements, like their new weight loss coffee extract, in combination with nutrient rich and satisfying meals and snacks to offer their patients a comfortable transition to their healthier lifestyle.

Once someone in New Jersey decides to lose weight fast with Diet Doc’s hCG diets they will be asked to complete an extensive health questionnaire and schedule a consultation with one of Diet Doc’s highly trained physicians. During their initial consultation the physician will discuss underlying health or medical issues that could be causing weight gain and will take these issues into consideration when determining which supplements and diet pills will help the patient burn excess fat more quickly.

One Diet Doc product that has quickly come into high demand is the new weight loss coffee extract that burns body fat at astonishing speed. Naturally found in green coffee beans, the active ingredient chlorogenic acid stabilizes blood sugar levels and causes less sugar to be released into the bloodstream. When this happens, the liver will increase fat metabolism to keep up with the patient’s energy requirements, which results in even more fat loss. When coffee beans are roasted, chlorogenic acid is lost, so the fat burning properties of Diet Doc’s weight loss coffee extract cannot be found in commercial coffee beans. Instead, these specially formulated weight loss coffee extract supplements are standardized to contain 50% chlorogenic acid. Diet Doc’s weight loss coffee extract has successfully helped patients lose weight fast and has gained popularity following the release of research showing that study subjects have been able to lose weight fast, some at a rate of seventeen pounds during a twelve week period.

When the weight loss coffee extract is used in combination with a wholesome, nutritious meal plan, some patients have successfully lost almost a pound per day. Following their physician consultation, patients will begin working with one of Diet Doc’s certified nutritionists to develop hCG diet plans around their personal preferences, health history and lifestyle. Patients will learn to choose low fat, low calorie foods that help them to lose weight fast but that also taste delicious and leave them feeling full and satisfied.

The Diet Doc team of physicians, nurses and certified nutritionists offer their patients unlimited consultations, six days per week, to make sure that clients are reaching their fat loss goals. Diet Doc clients can contact these weight management coaches for answers about hCG diets, the weight loss coffee extract or for suggestions and support on how to lose weight fast. Diet Doc is committed to providing the guidance each patient requires so that patients can successfully lose weight fast and also develop the skills necessary to sustain their weight over time.

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