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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Offers Obese Patients Fast Diet Plans and a Reprieve to Relationship Barriers

Diet Doc now offers obese patients a solution to poor body image and its resulting relationship barriers by eliminating unsightly, excess fat through custom weight loss diet plans.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2013 -- The Diet Doc and hCGTreatments fast diet plans effectively rid patients of difficult and unsightly excess fat that does not respond to normal diet plans or even exercise. In today’s popular culture, some consider being thin ideal for physical attractiveness, while those struggling with their weight are often at a disadvantage. It is unfortunately not uncommon for overweight and obese individuals to experience lower incomes, fewer romantic relationships or to be viewed as lazy and unproductive. A new study by Oklahoma State University found that women who perceived themselves as overweight or obese also experienced barriers to potential or actual relationships. Diet Doc now offers a solution to body weight and relationship barriers through custom weight loss diet plans created to address each patient’s individual lifestyle and specific nutritional needs. The Diet Doc fast diet targets undesirable, excess fat in overweight and obese clients to allow safe and rapid weight loss. The result is a slimmer, healthier figure and an improved body image and self-confidence, capable of eliminating obesity-related relationship barriers.

Recently published in the Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, the study explores the association between romantic relationships and women's self-perception of weight. Amanda L. Williams, M.S. and Michael J. Merten, Ph.D., focused on the ways that women perceive their interactions with romantic partners and the interplay between their physical size and their actual relationship interactions. Many women perceived their weight as a barrier to potential and existing relationships and found being overweight a hindrance when considering romantic relationships. Participants, whether overweight or obese, did express a desire to lose weight and acknowledged the need to change behavior to achieve their goals. Beginning a weight loss diet, such as the Diet Doc fast diet plan combines healthy eating with prescription hCG treatments and proprietary weight loss aids, allowing patients to quickly shed excess fat.

After an initial consultation with a Diet Doc physician, a personalized fast diet plan is created around individual patient needs. The patient then consults with an in-house nutritionist to discuss calorie intake and specific foods appropriate for their weight loss diet. Overweight and obese clients are provided convenient, healthy diet foods that facilitate lower caloric intake while providing optimal nutrition. The goal of the Diet Doc fast weight loss diet is to offer patients the ability to feed themselves and their families without compromising on taste, convenience, and most importantly, health.

The Diet Doc team realizes that its fast diet plans can change each patient’s lifelong eating habits, which requires support. Within the first seven days of treatment, a consultation with a weight loss nurse is held to review any issues that may arise hindering the effectiveness of the Diet Doc fast diet. Subsequent consultations are had on a weekly basis, intended to answer any and all questions about the patient’s individualized fast diet plan and to make sure that weight loss is occurring safely and quickly. In addition, all Diet Doc systems are web based and available to patients whenever necessary.

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