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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Now Offer Patients Expert Advice from Diet Doctors Trained in Weight Loss Diets That Eliminate Diabetes Symptoms

Diet Doc’s hCG weight loss diets utilize the most experienced and highly trained diet doctors to help patients lose weight quickly and effectively while also addressing diabetes symptoms and other weight-related health concerns and illnesses.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- It is well known that short-term behavior can significantly affect long-term weight-related health and lifespan, but a new study recently found that subjects who followed the advice of a diet doctor and participated in a weight loss diets saw a reduction in the development of diabetes symptoms, that could lead to type two diabetes, within six months of losing weight. Diet Doc’s hCG weight loss diets encourage both short-term and long-term behavior changes to not only improve patients’ overall health and eliminate diabetes symptoms, but also to see significant results in reducing body fat content. By combining prescription diet pills and herbal supplements with the expert advice of diet doctors and weight loss diet coaches, Diet Doc’s hCG diets have successfully helped thousands of their clients lose weight fast.

This new research, reported on by Medical News Today and published online in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, studied participants for over three years to determine the effect that losing weight can have on diabetes symptoms and pre-diabetes symptoms leading to full blown diabetes. Researchers were aware of previous studies acknowledging that losing weight with weight loss diets can reduce the risk of diabetes symptoms, but found with this new study that losing weight can have a dramatic impact on diabetes within the first few months of successful weight management. New studies like this make receiving advice from a diet doctor even more imperative for losing weight and addressing health concerns such as diabetes symptoms.

Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans offer their clients the most effective expert advice from their team of nurses, certified nutritionists and diet doctors who have been highly trained in the best methods for achieving substantial results with weight loss diets. Many patients in Vermont will seek the advice of a general care physician when determining it is time to start losing weight, but those who consult with a specially trained diet doctor will start seeing results faster and be able to maintain their weight for the future. Diet Doc is so committed to assuring a successful weight loss diet experience for their clients that they offer unlimited access and consultations six days per week. The Diet Doc team remains available to answer any questions patients may have about hCG diets and nutrition or to simply provide the advice and guidance patients are seeking from one of the team’s diet doctors.

Diet Doc’s hCG diets were created in response to the demand in Vermont for a weight loss diet that offered fast and easy results without the requirement of excessive exercise. These diet programs are designed around each individual patient’s age, gender, health history, lifestyle and food preferences to assure that the client has a simple, comfortable transition to a healthier, longer life.

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