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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Support Patients in Losing Weight Fast to Avoid Doctor Shopping and Trips to the Emergency Room

Diet Doc’s hCG weight loss diets assist patients in losing weight safely and effectively to avoid the necessity of doctor shopping that has been linked to increased visits to the emergency room for obese individuals.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/24/2013 -- People that are interested in losing weight often go to extremes or follow fad weight loss diets that ultimately fail to provide them with the results they desire. Many studies have revealed the effects that negative weight-based stigmas have on individuals who are interested in losing weight and a new study indicates that these stigmas may eventually take a more serious toll on an overweight person’s health. Researchers with Johns Hopkins University recently found that obese patients and patients that are interested in losing weight are more likely to switch primary care physicians over short periods of time and this behavior may be the result of negative weight-based stigmas in the health care field. Ultimately, a direct correlation was found between changing primary care physicians repeatedly and increased trips to the emergency room over time. Diet Doc’s hCG weight loss diets assist patients in losing weight, maintaining a healthy weight over time and avoiding behaviors that may lead to serious health consequences in the future.

Doctor shopping, or visiting many doctors in a short period of time, is usually linked to substance abuse; however, this new study finds that doctor shopping is prevalent among obese individuals and leads to increased visits to the emergency room. As reported by Medical News Today, researchers believe doctor shopping is common among obese individuals due to negative experiences with the health care system, whether that be off-putting comments by office staff, unsolicited weight management advice by physicians, or improperly sized medical equipment.

Losing weight is difficult enough without the negative stereotypes and prejudices of society, but when these stereotypes are found in the health care field, those most likely to offer fast weight loss tips or suggest weight loss diets can actually cause more harm to the patient. These researchers found that overweight patients without a steady primary care physician will not have a clearly documented healthy history and will often not be aware of signs or symptoms of more serious conditions, partly due to this inadequate record keeping. Avoiding weight gain and losing weight will allow patients to avoid doctor shopping, thus also avoiding the stereotypes of the health care industry by maintaining a consistent primary care physician over time and escaping the risks of failing to recognize the symptoms of a serious medical condition.

Diet Doc is committed to offering the most effective and rapid method for losing weight through its prescription hCG weight loss diets. By combining medically supervised hCG treatments with energy packed and nutrient rich meal plans, hCG weight loss diets assist patients in achieving initial weight management goals and developing healthy eating habits that will lead to a healthier lifestyle overall. hCG weight loss diets are specially designed for each patient around their age, health history, food preference and lifestyle choices. These uniquely designed weight loss diets allow patients to lose weight quickly and effectively because they consider how each patient’s body responds to fat elimination and incorporates each patient’s different needs into a unique nutrition plan focused solely on how the individual patient loses weight most effectively.

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