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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Reveal the Keys to Weight Loss Programs That Healthy People Follow to Quickly Shed Unwanted Weight

Diet Doc’s hCG diets contain the secrets to weight loss programs followed by healthy people and offer unlimited access to a team of weight management professionals to coach clients through their journey.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2013 -- Tennessee dieters are often wondering how healthy people achieve slim, toned figures and are eager to begin the weight loss programs they use in order to shed embarrassing excess fat. Now, the Diet Doc team is revealing the keys to their exclusive hCG diets and fast weight loss programs followed by thousands of clients, from healthy people only looking to lose a few pounds to those trying to eliminate much more weight. To ensure that clients stick with their diet plans, Diet Doc physicians utilize naturally powerful hCG diet treatments to control cravings and the temptation to indulge in unhealthy foods. Through their unique medical weight loss programs, Diet Doc has successfully helped thousands of clients lose weight fast and create a happier, healthier lifestyle.

From the beginning, each patient’s weight loss program will be closely monitored to ensure that the patient is losing weight quickly and safely. Initially, patients will consult with a specially trained Diet Doc physician to determine whether the client is a good candidate for hCG diets and to determine which fat burning supplements will be most beneficial for their program. Most patients, including patients who need to lose a lot of excess weight and healthy people, will be prescribed hCG diet treatments to target fat in hard to reach areas of the body, such as the stomach, thighs and underarms. Because these areas have proven to be unresponsive to normal diet change alone, hCG diet treatments also work for healthy people trying to lose those last few inches.

hCG is a hormone that is naturally produced by pregnant women and acts as a protective barrier to the growing fetus. When the mother does not have immediate access to food, hCG mobilizes stored fat and directs it to the fetus for much needed nutrients. When this process was discovered in the 1950s, it was quickly developed into hCG diet treatments and utilized by patients as part of their weight loss programs. Upon its use, patients not only saw excess fat melting away, they also experienced a significant decrease in their appetite, something that is important for allowing healthy people to sustain their weight loss over time.

Patients can choose to receive their hCG diet treatments as a sublingual tablet, oral drop or as an injectable solution that has been enhanced with vitamin B12. While each form will provide patients with the fat burning properties they are looking for, many Tennessee patients choose to take their treatment as an injection to access the energy boosters contained within the solution.

Diet Doc is committed to helping all of their patients, including otherwise healthy people who only want to lose a few more pounds, achieve a healthier, more active life and offer their services whenever needed, six days per week. The Diet Doc team remains available to answer questions about the patient’s weight loss program, to monitor patient progress or even simply to provide the support and encouragement patient’s need during this important journey.

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