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Weight Loss Programs DL Launches BMI Calculator Optimized for Women's Needs

Weight Loss Programs DL have identified one of the principal weaknesses of the BMI system and have aimed to address it with a weight loss calculator specific to gender.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- Weight loss is a pressing concern for millions of women around the world, and yet many of those apparently have healthy BMI’s, or Body Mass Index counts. This is because the BMI is a cross-gender measure that is disadvantaged by the difference in male and female physiology, so women may well be carrying too much fat on a healthy BMI. Weight Loss Programs DL have observed this issue and created gender specific a BMI calculator for women, taking into account their unique physical properties to give accurate and achievable results.

Entering their information into the BMI calculator, women can be assured that they will get a reading accurate not just to their gender but to them specifically, using information they can gather about themselves from height, age and weight, and a handy indexed guide to what the BMI number means once it is revealed.

The calculator provides an optimum BMI for a woman’s individual circumstances and as such women using the calculator can easily see where they stand in relation to that optimum and set themselves realistic weight loss goals. The calculator is free to download from the Weight Loss Programs DL website and has an unlimited free usage license with no features hidden behind a premiumproduct.

A spokesperson for Weight Loss Programs DL explained, “Women have a distinct physiological make-up from men, and are more likely to carry higher fat reserves and less muscle weight by default, which in a unisex BMI calculator can mean a healthy BMI can still result in an overweight appearance, as the average weightings are dragged up the scale by male muscle weight. Now, the ratings women receive from our BMI calculator for women are accurate to their gender and give them realistic weight loss goals and expectations.”

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Weight Loss Programs DL has created gender-specific BMI calculators and has now released one for women. This BMI calculator for women is a software feature that allows females to get a more accurate depiction of their own weight. By separating the genders within the BMI calculator, it makes it easier to determine the real body mass and offer clues about health concerns associated with the user. For more information, please visit: http://weightlossprogramsdl.com/bmi-calculator-for-women.html