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Weight Loss Programs Release Free BMI Calculator to Help Those Trying to Get Healthy

Weight Loss Programs’ Free BMI Calculator has been released on C|Net in order to provide an effortless means for individuals to discover their Body Mass Index.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/12/2013 -- Body Mass Index has been a controversial means for people to get a litmus test of their overall health by discovering whether they are statistically classified as overweight and what their optimum body mass index range is relative to their height and weight. In 1972 the Body Mass Index was found to be the best analogue for a person’s body fat percentage without requiring extensive testing. As such, it is a keen tool used by dieters to identify what their ideal BMI is and how far away from it they currently are. That process is now almost instant using Weight Loss Programs’ Free BMI Calculator.

The BMI calculator, downloadable from C|Net, is a useful lightweight application that allows individuals to enter their height and weight in either meters or feet, stones, pounds or kilograms in order to instantly determine their current BMI, and from their height also calculate their optimum or recommended BMI, which is a useful tracking tool for many dieters.

The free program does the hard math on behalf of users so they don’t have to, and at just over half a megabyte, is downloaded and installed in seconds, making sure that keen dieters can begin tracking immediately.

A spokesperson for Weight Loss Programs explained, “Many people know about BMI but few know how to calculate BMI. Without thinking, many dieters will book a physical in order to find out this simple piece of information and end up paying over the odds. Now, the calculation is freely available and fully automated thanks to our simple program, which we hope will make the lives of dieters much easier as they can now track their progress using this popular barometer without having to worry about how they’ll find out their results.”

About Free Calorie Calculator
The Free BMI Calculator is a piece of software designed by Weight Loss Programs. The company develops freeware solutions to everyday dieting challenges and makes them as user friendly and intuitive as possible, as well as being light on processor use. The company also makes a calorie calculator and weight loss calculator for users seeking broad spectrum functionality. For more information, please visit: http://download.cnet.com/Free-BMI-Calculator/3000-2129_4-75912483.html