An Overview of One of the Most Popular Weight Loss Programs for Women Is Available

Since the effect of the weight loss programs will depend mainly on the personal approach to the individual needs of each person, a special diet called Venus Factor is created to approach every woman individually. This individual approach and amazing results that women who have tried out this diet report to have, make it increasingly popular.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- Obesity is currently one of the most widespread epidemics in the world that cause a lot of health issues and complications to millions of people each year. The problem that women face with obesity is even worse, as the body figure is very important for them. The women overweight influence in a dramatic way their wellbeing, profession, relationships and personal life, so they search for different weight loss programs that can help them eliminate this big problem from their lives.

Obviously, many people sell different products and weight loss programs to make money out of the problems that women have with obesity. When they follow improper diet plans, women risk ending up even heavier than before they start dieting. That is why losing weight with an appropriate weight loss program for women is the best step they could take in their attempt to overcome obesity.

The Venus Factor is a 12-week nutrition plan, while women can drop up to 3 dress sizes in the very first week. Another great benefit of this weight loss program is that women are allowed to consume their favorite foods, but in appropriate time for that. In addition, the program will teach the clients which foods that are generally considered as healthy and beneficial add to their weight and prevent them from losing a single pound. The popular Venus Factor does not cause food cravings, as no fasting is involved.

The diet is based on scientific researches, which show that Leptin is a hormone that is responsible for fat burn and weight loss. The big problem in women is that Leptin is not as active as in men, so they find much more problems when they apply different weight loss programs and diets. The fewer calories they consume, the slower their metabolism becomes, making it extremely hard to slim down and burn an excess body fat.

The Venus Factor is a new evolutional diet plan that provides real results regardless of women age, heritage and genetics, hormone imbalance and all other factors that currently prevent them from losing some weight. This program gives hope to all women who desperately search for a reliable and convenient way to lose weight fast. In addition, it will help them maintain the results gained throughout this diet plan, so that the problem of obesity will be completely resolved.

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About The Venus Factor
The Venus Factor is an effective 12-week nutrition plan catered to the individual needs of the women that helps them successfully overcome the problem of obesity without fasting or food restrictions.