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Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- Despite the immense popularity of Acai Berry extract based natural weight-loss supplements in the U.S., this alternative treatment is still fairly new to the European market especially Germany., a website which is on top of all popular natural supplements available in Germany, recently conducted its own personal test on such a supplement, the Acai Berry Pure Max, to witness whether Acai Berry extract is effective in losing weight.

Acai Berry Pure Max is based on two main breakthrough ingredients the Acai Berry extract and the Green Tea extract. Now it is no secret that these two ingredients are indeed very effective in losing weight. However the quality of the extracts in the bottle is still confusing to the average individual and the team of wants to eliminate this confusion by performing their own personal tests on voluntary subjects.

The Acai Berry Pure Max Test performed by the website revealed that the natural supplement indeed performs all functions that the manufacturer has claimed. The two main functions of suppressing appetite and losing weight regardless of involvement of fitness activities were seen by the subjects who were consuming the supplement for over 6 weeks.

Since the Acai Berry Pure Max also contains Green Tea extract, the subjects did not feel less energetic due to the decrease in food intake and some even stated that they had gained more energy and were able to perform tasks that they previously had numerous times put off.

The average weight loss amongst the subjects was nearly 9-10 kg with an exception certain who lost nearly 19kg in 6 weeks with consistent fitness routine which the team itself said was a remarkable result. However such significant weight loss results are of no surprise as Acai Berry extract based supplements have shown great effectiveness in losing weight in nearly every consumer.

As of now for weight-loss seekers in Germany, suggests trying Acai Berry Pure Max and finally shedding the weight they have been dreaming of.

About is one of the leading German websites that provides comprehensive details of various natural weight loss supplements available in the country and performs personal tests on voluntary test subjects to judge its effectiveness. The team behind the website,, recently reviewed and tested the popular natural weight-loss supplement ‘Acai Berry Pure Max’ which has gained immense praise in the U.S. and has now caught attention of weight-loss treatment seekers in Europe.

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