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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 -- Weight loss is a battle, and everyone has different tactics they employ to try and win the war. The staples of better dieting and exercise are always there, but in addition to those changes there are several other tricks that fellow fighters have to share and many of them offer key assistance in the ongoing battle to stay fit and healthy.

Accountability has been recognized as a key factor for success, and one method of being accountable is tracking what calories are consumed. Writing down what we take into our bodies helps us realize where we are slipping up, and where we can find improvement. This also works for tracking exercise as well, and as writing down what we eat can help us make wiser choices, writing down our exercise can encourage us to do more.

In addition to the accountability of a written record, seek out encouragement and support from the weight loss community. There are others on the same journey, and those who’ve reached a finish line so to speak that can offer volumes of good advice as well as support. This can help keep a person motivated during plateau periods, and create long lasting friendships that can contribute to mental well-being – a key factor in overall wellness.

Diet is an important part of weight loss, but many on the journey cut much more from their nutrition levels than they should. While many overeat the bad stuff, when we cut our diets down we often cut out the good things that keep our energy levels at proper levels for everyday functioning. Be sure when cutting calories to keep in the healthy items that provide whole body support, and maybe even increase intake of these items if one finds their energy lacking.

Above all, the best piece of advice that can be given is to believe that winning the battle is possible. Negative self-thinking does much more harm than a few extra calories or a slip up on a diet plan. Believe and reach for support and soon enough the battle will left on the field and the future will be wide open and looking healthy.

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