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Weight Loss Surgery Is Not the Answer, Watchfit Expert Claims


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2014 -- Weight loss surgery seems to be the first roll of the dice nowadays in an attempt to tackle the obesity problem we face in the UK today. In fact, nearly half of the UK population is estimated to be classed as obese, according to recent statistics by the NHS.

Is weight loss surgery the answer to this silent epidemic?

According to an article on, the complications after a weight loss surgery are worse than feared. The study suggests that no less than one in 10 surgeries results in significant problems, whilst 29 deaths have been recorded over a three year period.

The post surgery care has also been criticised after an inquiry by the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death revealed that one in three patients have poor post-op care and monitoring.

“The real problem we have on our hands is poor education about food and nutrition”, Ebbe Berndtson, Personal Trainer and Watchfit expert states.

“In my native Finland, house economics in secondary school is mandatory for at least 16 weeks over a three year period. Most 14 year olds can whip up an omelette as they get home from school, where as the fish&chips shops are making the most of it here in the UK.”

Regarding the weight loss surgeries, it's a bit like putting deodorant in a sweaty armpit. After surgery, the patient is hoping to lose weight, and in most successful operations this is exactly what follows. However, the biological markers, hormonal balance and diabetes caused by the obesity, has not changed. Only the fat mass has disappeared.

Also for someone eating a surplus of 10,000kcal a day, the day after an I.E gastric band surgery, they can only fit in about 500-1000kcal daily. This roller coaster of insulin release and starvation does not have any positive side to it. In a nutshell, the weight comes off, but the patient is still as unhealthy as he or she was before the operation.

“The real solution should be done on a grass-root level. “ the expert continues. Teaching kids in primary school about food and sugary drinks would benefit their young minds, as well as encouraging everyone to find their own favourite sport activity.

“I also believe that prevention is better than cure regarding adults. Understanding the risks of obesity in an early stage and getting help by I.E a Personal Trainer would be like teaching a man how to fish rather than giving a fish to him.

Knowledge is key, and by masking the problem rather than dealing with it will not make this obesity epidemic go away.”

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