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Diet Doc Announces Rapid, Safe and Natural Weight Loss Alternative for Those Who Do Not Weigh Enough to Qualify for Weight Loss Surgery

Diet Doc’s medically guided diet plans offer a weight loss alternative for those who are desperate to lose weight in order to qualify for weight loss surgery


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2015 -- From emergency room oddities to people who are dying from obesity, television is featuring more and more reality TV, showcasing personal problems and situations for the world to view. One such reality show brings to light the challenges and dangers for those who find themselves teetering on the edge of death due to weight that has gotten out of control, leaving them desperate for what they believe is their final option – weight loss surgery. Dedicated viewers now know that the patients' weight has become so overwhelming that they weigh too much to even qualify for weight loss surgery. They are forced to prove that they are capable of dedicating themselves to following a restricted diet plan in order to lose weight on their own, which could then make them eligible for weight loss surgery.

To qualify for weight loss surgery, patients must carry a clinical diagnosis of morbid obesity, must weigh more than 100 pounds above their ideal body weight, have a BMI of 40 or more, and experience severe weight-related conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Eligible weight loss surgery candidates must also have failed at losing weight after medical supervised dieting. So the question then becomes, what are the alternatives for those who obviously have no idea how to manage their body weight and now must suddenly shed excess weight in order to even qualify for weight loss surgery. Many have found the answer through Diet Doc's medically supervised weight loss programs. The irony, however, is that many who have struggled a lifetime to lose weight find so much success at Diet Doc, that they no longer need to resort to invasive, costly and potentially dangerous weight loss surgery.

Anyone who has attempted to shed excess fat understands that, while breaking unhealthy eating behaviors and eliminating carbohydrates and high calorie foods will almost always generate initial weight loss, the real difficulty begins when the body adjusts to the new, healthy eating habits, the metabolism slows and weight loss tapers or suddenly stops. This is the time when each patient's dedication, willpower and commitment is challenged and the moment when many patients abandon their goals. And, while Diet Doc promises to guide all patients over the initial weight loss hurdles, to teach them how to begin choosing healthier foods, to design meal and snack plans that will leave them feeling full and satisfied, coupled with their pure, prescription diet products that eliminate hunger, cravings and fatigue while attacking and flushing stored fat from the system, to allow all patients unlimited access to their specially trained staff and to monitor their progress throughout, they cannot promise overnight weight loss miracles, because losing weight requires dedication, commitment and desire. Diet Doc can simply make the journey safer, faster and more comfortable.

Diet Doc's modern approach to helping people successfully shed excess fat has resulted in many avoiding weight loss surgery altogether by teaching them how to make the lifestyle change that will result in long term weight management. And, because Diet Doc understands that many patients have allowed their weight to get out of control because they find it difficult and embarrassing to attend doctor offices and weight loss clinics, the company utilizes the most modern technology, enabling their patients to simply visit or call the company to complete an initial health questionnaire, consult online with a doctor, work closely with nutritional experts, schedule their checkup calls and reorder their prescription diet products, all without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Diet Doc's state of the art weight loss techniques has helped the company become a leader in the weight loss industry and they urge those who are desperate to lose weight and quite possibly, avoid weight loss surgery, to schedule their personal and free consultation today.

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