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Diet Doc urges potential dieters to carefully consider their options prior to electing invasive and often risky weight loss surgery


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2014 -- According to The Gazette,, another elective weight loss surgery patient has died. The mother of four apparently suffered post-operative complications and was readmitted to the hospital after complaints of nausea and vomiting. The patient's violent bouts of vomiting allegedly lead to a Richter's hernia, which causes the intestines to protrude through the abdominal wall. Although the patient underwent further surgery to correct the hernia, she suffered a bowel perforation leading to her untimely death. And, while the chief surgeon commented that this circumstance is very unusual, the patient's death only adds further credence to the potential dangers of invasive weight loss surgery.

Many who have struggled unsuccessfully to lose excess fat may consider weight loss surgery as their final attempt. And, while many patients mistakenly believe that weight loss surgery is the fast and easy route to a slimmer, healthier body, most are unprepared for this physically painful and emotionally exhausting procedure. Diet Doc cautions prospective weight loss surgery patients to carefully examine their options and to take the following into consideration:

- Insurance carriers are very diligent in their approval process and may request documented proof that all weight loss efforts have been exhausted;
- Patients should anticipate an overnight stay in the hospital as well as an extended recuperation period;
- Food consumption will typically begin with bite-size pieces, which sometimes must be ground to avoid nausea and vomiting;
- Weight loss will not be immediate and can be extremely slow and difficult;
- The potential side effects and risks are real and include blood clots, infection bleeding and even death.

For this reason, Diet Doc created their diet plans that include nutritionist-designed meal and snack plans that are customized to each patient's personal food preferences and are compatible with nutritional and medical needs. To this they added unlimited doctor consultation throughout to ensure the safe and effective weight loss journey of each patient. Qualified patients may choose to enhance the speed at which they see fat melting from their body with prescription treatments, appetite suppressants and diet pills that curb the typical dieting side effects. Finally, Diet Doc provides unlimited access to their team of support experts. This is why thousands of people throughout the country have turned to Diet Doc for their weight loss needs.

Diet Doc urges those of all shapes and sizes to avoid the potential risks of invasive weight loss surgery by scheduling a free and personal consultation today with Diet Doc, the nation's most reliable and trusted medical weight loss program.

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