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New Years Resolution Weight Loss Detox Diet Cleanse Program Announced with SilaLive Diatomaceous Earth Silica Supplement

Get the 2013 New Years Resolution Weight Loss Detox Diet Cleanse Program featuring SilaLive Silica and a 7 day whole body health approach diet plan and exercise routine. Higher Health's Weight Loss Detox Diet Cleanse is designed for 7 days of intense action and commitment to a prosperous and healthy 2013.


Fishers, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2013 -- Silalive Silica supplement with pure diatomaceous earth food grade hopes to change the natural weight loss playing field forever by introducing a 7day fast start detox diet cleanse program catered to help lose weight fast.

The crowd of individuals looking for quick weight loss fixes for New Year's Resolutions in 2013 is staggering, as many are lead down a path of misguided diet information that simply does not work or takes forever to come to fruition.

After combing through vast amounts of scientific literature and experiencing personal due diligence trial-and-error, the overwhelming amount of evidence supporting silica’s vital significance and influence on whole body health and restoration can not be denied or suppressed any longer.

In 2012, the world saw the online weight loss industry became more saturated than ever with supplements and claims than ever before.

SilaLive, a brand new all natural silica supplement, has just entered the market and hopes to turn the weight loss industry upside down for good combined with its newly released detox diet cleanse course.

SilaLive contains 100% pure silica and enhanced diatomaceous earth food grade, two natural ingredients proving to be highly beneficial for replenishing and renewing cellular health and regeneration.

The new year’s resolutions most make for 2013 will involve setting and hitting personal health goals, weight loss benchmarks, and wellness improvements of some kind. The challenging obstacles most endure and fail to recognize is having a superior catalyst or boost when it comes to jump-starting the natural fat burning mechanisms the body has.

SilaLive is a complete whole body health supplement that is meant to improve overall health, including skin, hair, nails, and bone structure. Due to diatomaceous earth's strong negative charge, it has the ability to naturally pull, bind, and remove heavy metals, free radicals, and a host of other waste by products in the body.

When combined with the 7 Day diatomaceous earth detox diet cleanse program, SilaLive silica becomes a powerful tool in the quest to lose weight in 2013.

Weight loss starts and ends with systemic detoxification and internal cleansing, and that is exactly what SilaLive was designed and created for.

The SilaLive New Year's detox diet cleanse program is centered and focused upon a proven, results-oriented action plan that gives step by step detailed guidelines on how weight loss works and why SilaLive is a great supplement to get started with.

Most dieters simply cannot lose weight through diet and exercise alone.

This causes most diet enthusiasts to become frustrated and overwhelmed when not seeing immediate results, which ends up sending them on a spiraling downward path with no weight loss success.

However, taking advantage of a natural product containing organic silica and food grade diatomaceous earth and living off of a proven detox diet cleanse program can provide fast, steady, long term results.

When coupled with our 7 day whole food diet regime complete with juicing recipes, meal plans, and quality dietary habits, SilaLive becomes the answer to many problems of cellular detoxification and cleansing.

What most people do not realize is that toxins in the digestive system slow weight loss and prevent the body from burning fat. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons why dieters do not see the weight loss results they desire.

This is how SilaLive targets weight loss. SilaLive’s enhanced food grade diatomaceous earth can effectively help reduce the amount of toxins in the digestive tract and can start flushing and eliminating harmful metabolic waste and materials from the body.

This improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, which is another major reason most people do not see the weight loss results they strive to achieve.

By improving the body’s ability to transport and assimilate nutrients, SilaLive may help re-energize the body's ability to respond faster to burning excess fat storages for even more energy.

Food Grade diatomaceous earth aids in the flushing of all major detoxification pathways in the body so it can naturally lose weight and start absorbing real nutrition from a whole food diet outlined in our detox diet cleanse.

In addition to weight loss, SilaLive supports hair and skin health, improving collagen production and bone strength, and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

The year 2013 will be the full of many surprises, and one of them could be how easy it can become to start cleansing, detoxifying, and regenerating natural energy levels back to a youthful state and vitality.

SilaLive Silica supplement and it's 7 day detox diet cleanse fast start program is now available to all consumers hoping to lose weight or improve the general health of their body. SilaLive is available in most countries and offers same day shipping. Pricing is as follows:

- 1lb. tub is $35
- 2lb. tub is $60
- 3lb. tub is $80
- 5lb. tub (with an extra 1lb. absolutely free) costs $120.

About Higher Health
SilaLive was created to enrich the mind and to empower the body with a safe, powerful natural supplement that contains the purest food grade diatomaceous earth and organic silica. SilaLive also offers a 7-day detox diet cleanse and to find out more about this cleanse, visit the official blog of SilaLive its’ 7-day day diatomaceous earth diet detox program.