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Diet Doc's Updated Diet Plans Address Each Patient's Personal and Unique Cause of Weight Gain

While most diet plans promise fast weight loss results, Diet Doc has updated their medical weight loss programs to address each patient’s personal needs and uncover the real reason for their weight gain


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2014 -- Because prospective dieters now have so many options when choosing diet plans, special care and consideration should be taken when choosing the weight loss program that best fits their personal needs. While most diet plans promise quick fat loss results that serve general dieting needs, they fail to address the patient’s personal causes of weight gain. Because of this, dieters will often see a return of the weight that they struggled to lose. With this consideration in mind, Diet Doc created their diet plans that address each patient’s personal needs, enabling them to sustain their weight over time.

New patients will first consult with a Diet Doc physician, who is specially trained in the safest and most effective methods of weight loss, to discuss the underlying causes of weight gain, including any internal imbalances, cellular toxicity or sluggish or improperly functioning organs. Following the initial consultation, qualified patients will receive a prescription for specially formulated hormone diet treatments, weight loss pills and supplements that will adequately address these issues and concerns.

Diet Doc understands that many dieters find great challenge with sticking to their intentions to lose weight and their dieting attempts could be easily sabotaged by the temptation to indulge in unhealthy, fatty foods. For this reason, Diet Doc includes their prescription hormone diet treatments into their programs as a way to control the appetite and avoid the typical dieting side effects, while also allowing patients to see fast weight loss results.

Earlier versions of the hormone diet plan entailed practitioners promoting a dangerously low, 500-calorie per day meal plan. Diet Doc recognized the encouraging weight loss results that stemmed from utilizing this natural hormone, but also realized the need for updated research in order to allow patients to achieve these results without compromising their health. Unlike other hormone diet plans, Diet Doc was successful in modernizing their research to meet current health and medical standards, now enabling their patients to see the same weight loss results while consuming a caloric intake of almost double that of the original programs without suffering dangerous side effects.

Because Diet Doc’s hormone diet treatments work best when following a healthy, low carbohydrate meal plan, patients will work closely with nutritionists to develop a meal and snack plan that is specific to their personal food preferences and compatible with their nutritional and medical needs.

By incorporating the smart nutritional food concepts behind such diets as the Paleo Diet that reduce carbohydrate intake, the body is encouraged to burn stored fat, instead of carbohydrates, for fuel. While Diet Doc recognizes the benefits in reducing carbohydrate intake for the low carb diet, they also encourage patients to consume lean proteins, fruits and vegetables to keep energy levels high throughout the day.

Diet Doc’s dedicated team of weight loss experts are committed to helping each patient reach their weight loss goals and offer unlimited consultations six days per week. The team is always eager to answer questions, offer suggestions or merely to lend their support and encouragement should the patient stumble along the way. This is the reason why Diet Doc has become the most trusted and most reliable source of medical weight loss in the country.

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