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The hCG diet offered by Diet Doc is prescription only, medically supervised, and available nationwide via the Telehealth system.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- The improved hCG diet from Diet Doc not only promotes fast weight loss but also prevents future weight gain by enacting lifestyle changing habits like improved diet and exercise. The prescription weight loss diet formulated by Diet Doc triggers fast weight loss of a pound per day. This weight loss program includes a detailed evaluation of the patient’s health history, age, gender, lifestyle based on which their nutritionists create a customized weight loss plan. Apart from triggering safe and fast weight loss, the low calorie diet includes a number of healthy, tasty, and nutritious food options to ensure that patients make the right food choices. A combination of this prescription weight loss diet and prescription hCG that is administered through injections, sublingual drops and tablets, etc. is responsible for the dramatic weight loss sets this weight loss organization apart from its competitors. As the only provider of a medically supervised weight loss program, Diet Doc speeds up the process of fat metabolism at the cellular level for fast results.

According to a study published in the December issue of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (Vol. 67, No. 6), teenage girls who turn to appetite suppressants, laxatives, vomiting or extreme dieting to lose weight may be laying the foundation for future weight gain instead of shedding pounds. Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine and Eric Stice, PhD of the University of Texas at Austin studied dieting behavior in nearly 700 ninth-grade girls over a 3-year period. The researchers evaluated the adolescents using annual weight and height measurements and self-report questionnaires. The study found that that adolescents who reported heavy dieting and extreme weight-loss efforts, such as laxative use or vomiting, were more likely to gain weight over time. Additionally, they were more prone to becoming obese when compared with teenagers who did not resort to these methods.

Eric Stice says, “One possible explanation for the findings is that the girls aren't dieting effectively enough to offset the over consumption. The girls who reported extreme dieting may have thought they were decreasing their caloric intake when in fact they were not. In fact, many people who are dieting are already over consuming.” Obese people underreport caloric intake by about 30 to 35 percent and this is why the link between binge eating and weight gain was neither easy to demonstrate nor as obvious till now as some people may think. By directly measuring increases in the weight of the girls, the study showed that binging and overeating predict subsequent weight gain. Therefore, more programs and interventions along with better alternatives to crash/fad/drastic dieting such as a healthy and balanced diet are needed to help teenagers.

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