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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Patient Specific Diet Plans Designed to Help American Men Avoid the Risk of Colorectal Cancer

Diet Doc’s tailor made prescription hCG diet plans are customized to each man’s nutritional requirements and lifestyle making weight loss unsophisticated and easy, and providing weight loss to prevent dangerous diseases like colorectal cancer.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2013 -- Among men in America, colorectal cancer is on the rise with leading experts associating this increase to the vast number of overweight men. With obesity fast becoming an American epidemic, losing weight is no longer a mere cosmetic concern, but, more importantly, it is about improving longevity, as well as quality of life by avoiding weight related diseases such as colon cancer. Colorectal cancer among men is third on the list of the most common cancer diagnoses in the United States. There are a number of proposed mechanisms that may account for the association of obesity with increased colon cancer risk, including the fact that fat tissue produces excess amounts of insulin.

One hypothesis is that high levels of insulin or insulin-related growth factors in the blood may promote the development and growth of certain tumors. In addition, obese people often suffer from chronic inflammation, which has also been associated with increased cancer risk. Finally, many men carry the majority of fat in the abdominal region, with above average waist circumference showing the strongest association with colon cancer risk. The exact cause of colon cancer is not known, however, experts agree that obesity and the lifestyle behaviors associated with excess weight increases the risk of developing this deadly disease.

Diet Doc has combined decades of scientific research with the knowledge and expertise of specially trained fast weight loss doctors, nurses and nutritionists and have developed America’s leading medically supervised hCG diet plans, proven to produce safe and effective weight loss necessary to help American men avoid the risk of colorectal cancer. Diet Doc initially provides each patient with a simple yet thorough evaluation, followed by a physician consultation, after which a certified nutritionists will design a customized diet plan that will fit comfortably into each man’s lifestyle and are specific to the body’s dietary and nutritional needs.

Prescription hCG, coupled with the custom made diet plans, works to promote fast weight loss by triggering the hypothalamus to release stored and trapped fat into the bloodstream. The body then burns this excess stored fat for energy. By providing all patients with pure prescription hCG that is made from human sources and manufactured in FDA approved pharmacies in the U.S., Diet Doc remains committed to providing the safest and most effective hCG diet plans available on today’s market. Prescription hCG is a bio-identical hormone and is not synthetic, a metabolic steroid, a new growth hormone or a stimulant. Because prescription hCG also naturally suppresses the appetite, as well as prevents muscle loss during dieting, American men are losing over one pound per day of unhealthy excess fat, typically in the most stubborn areas, such as the abdominal region, without experiencing hunger, cravings and without strenuous exercise regimens.

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Diet Doc has become the nation’s leader in fast weight loss by medically supervising and monitoring each man’s fast weight loss progress with constant communication. At a fraction of the cost of most diet plans, Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diet plans fit comfortably into most budgets making losing excess fat and looking forward to a future of improved health, without the risk of colon cancer, affordable to all men.

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