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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets and Weight Loss Plans Announces Top Tips to Assure a Safe and Healthy Weight Loss Experience

The most obvious fast weight loss tip is that permanent weight loss can only be achieved when one makes a lifestyle change. All other fast weight loss tips follow this premise.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- Most articles featuring weight loss tips focus on caloric intake and food and there is, in fact, a good amount of scientific evidence explaining the relationship between calorie intake versus calories burned. Diet Doc’s prescription hCG works to force the body to trigger and burn stored fat when used in conjunction with their customized diet plan. Diet Doc provides patients an all-inclusive diet program, offering patients not just fast weight loss, but the education and information to continue to maintain a healthy weight well after the initial fat has disappeared. By following the guidance of Diet Doc’s experts, clients can learn to avoid “grazing” and refrigerator raiding. The company's prescription hCG program is not a starvation diet that could be potentially harmful to one’s health, but rather a total diet plan emphasizing healthy nutritious meals with protein and low glycemic vegetables and fruits that stay within the hCG dietary and calorie guidelines.

Diet Doc Weight Loss Tip #1

One must become familiar with foods that are conducive to a healthy diet program and those foods to avoid. Diet Doc provides each patient with a unique cookbook featuring over 50 pages of delicious, easy to make recipes, taking the guessing out of meal planning.

Diet Doc Weight Loss Tip #2

Drink plenty of water, either plain or flavored. Avoid alcohol, sodas and even lemonade and juices. Coffee or tea are acceptable, however, if unsweetened tea or coffee does not appeal to the taste buds, Diet Doc recommends Stevia for use as a sugar substitute.

Diet Doc Weight Loss Tip #3

Avoid sugary snacks. Diet Doc’s impressive collection of delicious snacks, including scrumptious brownies, as well as shakes and protein bars satisfy the “junk food” craving helping one to adhere to the hCG diet plan.

Diet Doc Weight Loss Tip #4

The scale is your friend. Diet Doc strongly suggests stepping onto the scale first thing in the morning, every morning. Most patients find recording lost pounds and inches encouraging, and the company provides a doctor designed workbook, helping to track the amazing weight loss journey. Tracking success, along with support from family and friends can go a long way toward encouraging one to achieve weight loss goals. Of course, their team of compassionate experts are only a phone call or an email away and are available 6 days per week to offer unlimited support, guidance and encouragement to all patients.

Diet Doc Weight Loss Tip #5

Moderate exercise is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Although Diet Doc does not dispute this fact, strenuous exercise is discouraged while following the hCG diet program. Their hCG program is designed and tailored to each patient in order to suppress hunger and lose body weight without the need for excessive exercise. Subsequent to achieving dietary goals, the company offers a comprehensive maintenance program to help patients continue to maintain desired weight.

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