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Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2013 -- The media often reports on negative stigmas associated with weight gain or obesity, but, until now, little research has been conducted to determine whether overweight or obese individuals who happen to be in a position of authority also experience similar negative stigmas. Unfortunately, overweight individuals and individuals qualifying under the clinical definition for obesity are vulnerable to stereotypes including that being overweight or obese indicates laziness, lack of willpower or lack of intelligence. These stereotypes have an effect in the workplace, health-care facilities, schools and personal relationships. Diet Doc’s improved hCG diet plans offer true relief to patients suffering from these stereotypes and negative stigmas through effective and fast weight loss. Diet Doc is committed to helping clients achieve their weight loss goals safely and quickly, while also continuing to educate patients on healthy eating and lifestyle choices. This multifaceted approach can help those who have struggled with weight gain achieve life altering assistance to drop those extra pounds safely and increase self-confidence.

In an article just released by the International Journal of Obesity, researchers studied the public perceptions of normal weight, overweight, and obese physicians in an effort to identify how a physician’s weight affects a patient’s selection, trust and willingness to follow the physician’s medical advice. The question posed was whether individuals in a position of authority, physicians, suffered the same or similar negative stigmas as other individuals classified as overweight or suffering from obesity. In an online sample of 358 adults, respondents indicated mistrust in physicians who were overweight or obese and were less likely to follow medical advice provided by that physician. Respondents were also more likely to change providers if the physician was perceived to be overweight or obese. Researchers also noted that these results were consistent regardless of the respondent’s own body weight. The results provided through this study demonstrate that negative stigmas and stereotypes apply uniformly to overweight individuals and individuals suffering from obesity regardless of a position of authority. Many Diet Doc patients, physicians included, may feel embarrassed about seeking help with weight loss. Diet Doc understands to desire for confidentiality and offers personalized diet solutions in the comfort of the patient’s home.

Diet Doc currently offers the only safe and productive version of the hCG diet available, completely modernized for optimal effectiveness. These hCG diet plans are created and closely monitored by leading weight loss experts using the internet, telephone and web conferencing tools such as Skype. Certified nutritionists create personalized hCG diet plans that, when used in conjunction with pure prescription hCG, allow patients to safely and rapidly lose weight without losing important muscle mass, experiencing debilitating hunger, or breaking the bank.

All prospective Diet Doc patients complete an extensive, yet convenient evaluation prior to consulting with a physician about potential hCG diet tools or programs that may be effective. The initial physician consultation and each subsequent consultation occur over the telephone or by using web conference tools, allowing patients to receive beneficial weight loss treatment in the comfort of their own home, eliminating the embarrassment of a walk-in weight loss clinic. Diet Doc’s dedicated staff of physicians, nutritionists and nurses is available for unlimited consultations, support and guidance six days per week. The Diet Doc team is focused on helping clients achieve initial results, maintain goals, and rid themselves of harmful stereotypes and stigmas associated with obesity through long-term lifestyle changes and safe effective medical weight loss.

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