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Diet Doc offers patient’s improved hCG diet plans to lose weight safely and rapidly, combatting new data linking obesity with a higher risk of prostate cancer for obese patients that tested positive for benign cancerous cells.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2013 -- Diet Doc is committed to fighting obesity in America through medical weight loss that combines prescription hCG with individualized diet plans that educate patients on how to lose weight fast and make healthy lifestyle changes, potentially combatting deadly diseases like prostate cancer. Obesity has been found to contribute to a multitude of health related issues including high blood pressure, kidney disease and even cancer. A new study by Columbia University and Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, has now determined yet another risk factor associated with obesity in America. Researchers concluded that, after a biopsy indicating a positive screening for benign cancerous cells, obese patients were at a higher risk for future prostate cancer. Diet Doc weight loss diets offer patients an opportunity to decrease their risk for health related diseases such as prostate cancer while discovering how to lose weight fast and safely. Diet Doc’s new hCG weight loss diets are focused on helping clients achieve their maximum weight loss potential while making healthy changes to improve health related quality of life.

According to new data published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, of the 6,692 subjects studied following a biopsy positive for benign cancerous cells, obese subjects were at a greater risk for subsequently developing prostate cancer. Researchers Andrew Rundle, Michelle Jankowski, Oieksandr Kryvenko, Deliang Tang and Benjamin Rybicki, considered general population studies showing that obesity is associated with a risk for high-grade prostate cancer, but were concerned with the lack of data for this high-risk population showing whether or not these patients were at a higher risk for future prostate cancer after a benign screening. As reported in Medical News Today, Andrew Rundle, Dr.P.H, Associate Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia University stated, “Studies conducted in the past have attempted to determine if there are subpopulations of men diagnosed with benign conditions that may be at a greater risk for developing prostate cancer. This is one of the first studies to assess the association between obesity and precancerous abnormalities." Research from this groundbreaking study informs obese patients of the increased risk for prostate cancer and suggests that obesity is a factor to consider when planning clinical follow-up examinations after a benign biopsy screening.

Diet Doc offers patients a relief to constant worrying about future prostate cancer through customized diet plans created by in-house nutritionists specifically for each patient’s health care needs and lifestyle. During their weight loss plan, patients will learn how to lose weight, how to make healthy eating choices and how to live a healthier life. In this regard, Diet Doc not only provides medical weight loss, but also lifestyle changes that last a lifetime.

Each patient’s weight loss plan is diligently monitored by specially trained professional weight loss experts who teach clients how to lose weight, and are available six days per week to offer unending support, guidance and encouragement. Diet Doc weight loss plans are designed for patients looking to lose those last difficult pounds to those who must lose 100 pounds or more. Patients can anticipate that by following the uniquely prepared weight loss plan, they will learn how to lose weight effectively while achieving initial goals, helping to safely avoid dangerous weight related diseases such as prostate cancer.

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