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Diet Doc Recognizes National Kidney Month with Natural, Safe and Fast Weight Loss Programs Linked to Reducing the Risk for Weight-Related Kidney Disease

Because Diet Doc knows that carrying excess weight is a very significant, yet quite preventable, risk for kidney disease, they urge everyone to reduce their risk by improving their health, beginning with losing excess fat


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/02/2015 -- March has been designated as a time to raise awareness of kidney disease. According to a 2012 CDC census, approximately 1 in 10 Americans, or approximately 20 million people, have some level of chronic kidney disease. And, while this disease seems to affect more African Americans, it can touch almost anyone.

While there may be many factors that contribute to chronic kidney disease, one is preventable. Modifying lifestyle, eliminating poor eating habits and losing weight can reduce the risk for this devastating disease. Many people realize that being overweight can increase the burden on the heart, but many more do not understand that this excess fat also increases the kidney's burden by forcing these tiny organs to work harder to filter toxins associated with unhealthy eating habits.

The kidneys, two bean-shaped organs, are located at the rear of the abdominal cavity and are responsible for regulating blood pressure and electrolytes, producing certain hormones and naturally filtering blood and removing waste by diverting to the urinary bladder. Healthy kidneys are vital to proper heart and brain function, as well as the skeletal and immune systems. Experts agree that in order to reduce the risk of kidney disease in overweight patients, they must seek doctor intervention, eliminate processed foods and lose excess fat.

Diet Doc designs diet plans that are compatible with almost any medical condition and is responsible for improving the health of thousands of people throughout the country through safe and effective weight loss. New Diet Doc patients need only to complete a confidential, online health questionnaire and schedule a consultation with one of the company's specially trained physicians. During this initial consultation, physicians will review the entire system and speak personally to the patient about their goals for eliminating excess weight. Master diet plans will be created that are compatible with each patient's individual needs and in consideration of age, gender, nutritional needs, medical conditions, food preferences and lifestyle.

While all patients are eligible for these specially tailored diet plans, many will be prescribed pure, prescription hormone diet treatments, exclusive diet pills, and fat burners that contain the most effective fat burning ingredients available. This powerful combination signals the hypothalamus to target fat that is stored in the hard to reach areas of the body, trigger its release into the bloodstream to be converted for energy and flushed quickly from the system. And, because Diet Doc understands that changing eating behaviors and eliminating carbohydrates can be challenging, they incorporate their specially formulated diet products that curb cravings, hunger and loss of energy during dieting.

Patients can reach out to their doctors, nurses, nutritionists and weight loss coaches for questions, suggestions or simply support and understanding via phone or email. And, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each patient's journey, weekly calls are scheduled to monitor weight loss progress and assess comfort level and attitude. It is this personal attention that has helped thousands of patients lose 20 pounds or more per month, improve their health and reduce their risk of weight-related kidney disease. Diet Doc's dedication to helping all Americans live healthier, fuller lives has made them the nation's leader in medical weight loss plans.

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