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Diet Doc's Medically-Designed, Doctor-Supervised Diet Plans Allow Patients to Lose Weight Safely Without Resorting to Unknown, Potentially Dangerous, Internet Promotions

Diet Doc has become a trusted and reliable staple in the weight loss industry and continues to offer their patients safe and fast weight loss without unknown or harmful side effects


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2015 -- Some people become so desperate to lose embarrassing excess fat that they will try almost anything that sounds promising. And, taking full advantage of the public's anticipation to find the easiest way to lose weight, companies throughout the world are striking up advertising campaigns and making millions from ill-advised, trusting consumers. One simple click of the computer mouse can generate hundreds of online diet pills, gimmicks, gadgets, lotions and creams, cleverly advertised to generate an interest that compels consumers to give them a try. More often than not, however, consumers are disappointed, having wasted their time and money on products that are totally ineffective for weight loss.

The most recent advertisement concerns a new electronic diet pill, reportedly designed to be swallowed, which then activates an external magnet to position the electronic diet pill near the lower esophagus or vagus nerve. A pulse generator contained inside the capsule is activated via a wireless transmitter which delivers electrical pulses in the gastrointestinal tract, tricking the vagus nerve and brain into believing that the stomach is full. The electronic diet pill is reported to dissolve and exit the stomach after 21 days.

Diet Doc has no experience with this new electronic diet pill and cannot offer a knowledgeable medical opinion of its safety or effectiveness. They do, however, caution consumers to use common sense and good judgment before consuming pills or products that they are uncertain of and to steer clear of prescription diet products offered on the internet without a valid doctor prescription.

The one thing that Diet Doc is certain of, however, is that their diet plans have led to improved physical and emotional health for thousands of people throughout the country. And, because the company's diet products are manufactured in U.S. based, FDA approved and fully licensed pharmacies, patients can feel safe and secure when adding doctor-recommended diet treatments and healthy living supplements to their weight loss regimen.

New Diet Doc patients must first consult with one of the company's doctors who will review and assess the entire system to identify and address the root cause of weight gain. And, while all patients are eligible for their nutritionist-designed meal and snack plans, many will qualify to enhance the rate at which they shed excess fat with Diet Doc's specially formulated prescription hormone diet treatments that naturally target and attack excess fat, exclusive diet pills that curb the appetite and control the urge to overindulge, and powerful fat burners to burn fat 4 times faster than other products.

Diet Doc has combined decades of scientific and nutritional research with modern medical understanding to design diet plans that have helped the majority of over 25,000 actual patients lose 20 pounds or more per month safely, comfortably and without harmful side effects. They monitor each patient's journey throughout and offer a level of personal support and service that cannot be duplicated by the competition. Call today to schedule a personal, no-cost consultation.

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