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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans Now Help Patients Eliminate Junk Food from Their Weight Loss Diets with Fat Burning Snack Ideas

Diet Doc’s weight loss diets successfully help their clients lose weight quickly by combining effective prescription diet pills with healthy meal and snack ideas that eliminate cravings for junk food.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2013 -- Having healthy meals and snack ideas ready could be the difference between losing weight and giving in to cravings for unhealthy junk food, effectively derailing attempts at a weight loss diet. A new study performed by Leatherhead Food Research in Surrey, England and reported on by Medical News Today, found that having healthy snack ideas on hand and consuming certain healthy foods, instead of junk food, in between meals can promote a more satisfied feeling and could reduce the amount of calories consumed at subsequent meals. Diet Doc understands that their patients in Houston may not be aware of healthy, filling snack ideas and offer their clients unlimited access, six days per week, to Diet Doc’s staff of fast weight loss diet experts. Diet Doc’s physicians, nurses and certified nutritionists remain available to answer any questions patients may have about diets, offer suggestions for healthy snacks to substitute for junk food and to simply provide their support, guidance and encouragement during this important transition to a healthier, slimmer figure.

In reviewing the results of their study, the researchers found that substituting junk food for healthy snack ideas, such as peanuts, nuts and other high-fiber snacks, may limit overall daily food consumption and help avoid overeating at subsequent meals. Study leader and nutrition research manager, Roberta Re, Ph.D., told Medical News Today, "Appetite control is an area of weight management that is receiving increased attention as the food industry aims to provide consumers with foods that will keep them fuller for longer, reducing inter-meal hunger and overall energy intake." Because Diet Doc’s weight loss diets are specially created for each individual patient around their age, gender, health history and food preferences, certified nutritionists can work with the patient to create meal plans and snack ideas that leave the patient feeling full and satisfied without causing weight gain and that work with the patient’s current lifestyle to allow for a more comfortable transition to a healthier body.

In addition to healthy meal and snack ideas, Diet Doc physicians will prescribe patients fat burning diet pills that can be seamlessly incorporated into their weight loss diets to see results more quickly. These specially formulated, prescription diet pills work to block sugar absorption and increase thyroid function to rapidly burn excess and embarrassing fat. While their fat burning properties are essential to a successful weight loss diet, Diet Doc’s diet pills also effectively suppress the patient’s appetite to curb cravings for junk food and encourage the patient to return to healthy snack ideas like fruits and vegetables.

Diet Doc has successfully helped thousands of clients all over Houston quickly shed excess fat from their stomach, thighs and underarms by eliminating junk food cravings and replacing meals and snacks with healthy, satisfying foods. Their hCG weight loss diets have become the nation’s leader in medically supervised weight management because of their patients’ fast, effective and lasting weight loss results.

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