Lori Bassarab Offers Revolutionary Approach to Weight Loss

Lori Bassarab, author of "Secrets from a Size Zero," has formed a revolutionary approach to weight loss to help combat the winter blues while losing weight.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Lori Bassarab, author of “Secrets from a Size Zero," has recently created and released a revolutionary approach to weight loss in order to help people overcome obstacles associated with weight loss.

Although Bassarab’s new book is currently in pre-release stages, it has already sold a plethora of copies via There are thousands of weight loss books on the market, however Ms. Bassarab’s guide has one main unique feature – she has been through everything the reader is currently experiencing. Ms. Bassarab writes after her experiences of being overweight and overcoming it, and strongly believes that in order to write a book well one needs to live and be it, which is why those who want to be the thinnest they have ever been need to learn from someone who is already there. Her perspective is one of understanding and empathy, and relates to her readers in order to motivate them and help them lose weight and beat the “winter blues.”

Another unique feature in the book is a question and answer feature, which was compiled from all of the questions people have asked Ms. Bassarab regarding weight loss before she wrote the book. These commonly asked questions and answers are popular yet tough questions and are answered with facts, experience and common sense.

"If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there." said Robert Kiyosaji. In her first year of university Ms. Bassarab gained 40 pounds, and by her second year she lost those 40 lbs and an additional 10, for a total of 50lbs in one year. “I'm a size zero,” said Ms. Bassarab in a recent interview. “To know the way to be one is to learn from one.”

In addition, Ms. Bassarab’s book explains all the benefits to living healthy, losing weight, and practicing having a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. It explains that being thin has more implications than simply looking good. It will help one live longer, have a better quality of life, boosts self-esteem, and has a myriad of other positive short and long term effects which are analyzed closely in her book.

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About Lori Bassarab
Lori Bassarab, author of "Secrets from a Size Zero," has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Film, and has lived, worked and gone to school in the United States, England and Canada.

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