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Diet Doc Discusses Weight-Related Discrimination, Depression and Their Treatment for Improved Health, Body Image and Self-Confidence

Diet Doc’s team of weight loss experts understand the negative physical consequences, the emotional impact and the social judgment related to being overweight. They work passionately to free their patients of weight-related discrimination and depression through safe and fast weight loss


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2015 -- Can it really be possible, aside from the already self-imposed poor self-image, confidence and esteem that being overweight can cause, that those who carry excess fat are also being overlooked for job opportunities? A study that was performed in the UK, and reported by Medical News Today, suggests that this is, in fact, a reality. The study, which included over 5000 overweight adults, revealed that, not only did overweight people feel that they were overlooked for job opportunities, but they also experience other random acts of weight-related discrimination, including being treated disrespectfully, receiving poor service in stores and restaurants and being generally harassed. The report suggests that approximately 70% of the overweight people were also more likely to dip deep within the tunnels of depression and self-hate, with over 70% of the subjects experiencing an increase in depressive symptoms. Many of the test subjects reported disrespectful treatment by their health care professionals, as well. While many people tend to lean toward the notion that all overweight people must certainly eat too much and laze on the couch all day, most people do not realize that there are many health issues that can cause a person to gain weight and challenge weight loss.

While there are countless laws protecting against discrimination based on age, race, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy and religion or beliefs, no law currently exists prohibiting weight-related discrimination. And, because of the lack of focus on this very important topic, some experts feel that this may be sending a powerful message that weight-related discrimination is socially acceptable.

While Diet Doc's primary business is to help people lose excess fat, they also understand the importance of recognizing and addressing the many emotional challenges triggered by carrying excess fat. For this reason, they offer their patients a team of doctors, nurses, nutritional experts and weight loss coaches, all specially trained in the science of weight loss, and all focused on guiding, supporting and encouraging those who have become victims of their own weight and weight-related discrimination. They offer their support services and are available via phone or email on an unlimited basis throughout each patient's journey. Diet Doc doctors are not primary care physicians who practice weight loss as a sideline, but are highly trained and understand the entire gamut of weight-related conditions, including weight-related depression and the emotional impact of excess weight.

After an extensive review of each patient's entire system, recommendations will be made for the safest and most effective method for fast weight loss success based on each patient's personal needs and desires. Custom meal and snack plans are created by nutritional experts that are tempting and motivating. Exclusive prescription diet products are included to target abnormal fat that has nestled itself comfortably in the cells, dangerously surrounding the internal organs, to be attacked, burned and quickly flushed from the body. This combination forces the body to seek out stored fat while enabling patients to focus completely on their weight loss goals by controlling powerful carbohydrate cravings, between meal hunger and loss of energy during dieting.

And because the team is specially trained in all aspects of weight loss, those who suffer emotional eating disorders, food addictions or weight-related depression can benefit from Diet Doc's natural Oxytocin and MetWell to ease anxiety, soothe stress, improve mood and leave patients with an overall feeling of peace and wellbeing while losing excess fat at an amazing pace.

The experts at Diet Doc uniquely and strategically create diet plans for those of all shapes, sizes, ages and genders and invite those who have been unsuccessful in the past to call today to schedule a personal consultation.

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