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Weight Loss Through Fitness and Avoiding Restaurant Food Part of Reforming U

Free book shows how to make meals for 7 days in 30 minutes or less from door to table.


Waxahachie, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- For decades nutrition experts, doctors and the government have been warning us about the health effects of the food we eat in restaurants. This goes for fast food and chain restaurants in particular where the emphasis is on greater efficiency and higher profits. Even with drastic changes over the last few years, many problems remain with chain restaurant food.

This is why personal trainer Sheila Ray has founded Reforming U ( Reforming U is offered online worldwide and in person at her fitness center in east Texas.

Her book, "Make Dinner Easy", is available for free on her website ( In the book, she teaches how anyone can make meals for 7 days in 30 minutes or less from door to table, with just one day of prep.

Reforming U is a Food, Fitness and Focus program which holistically attacks the problems which make losing weight like pulling out of Chinese finger puzzle. By taking the time to understand her clients' lives, Sheila found one thing in particular that people pull back against when trying to achieve significant weight loss. It's that our busy schedules and fatigue make preparing food at home one more chore we don't want to do.

"Most of us are busy people with little time to cook. Even if we had time, we might not feel comfortable in the kitchen. As just one aspect of Reforming U, I want to help bust through these barriers by making it easy to plan, prep, and cook meals at home," said Sheila Ray about her weight loss and fitness program.

She's found a mix of routines that allow those struggling to lose muffin top and earn a flat belly to succeed. The Food part of Reforming U is about efficient practices and choices that help avoid restaurant food in particular and create amazing quick dishes that burn belly fat and build energy.

Most everyone has tried to lose weight by just focusing on calories or just focusing on exercise. Those who try usually go through similar scenarios. Some weight loss occurs but a bottom gets hit where no more pounds will shed. Just continuing to limit calories or just continuing with the same fitness routine never succeeds on its own in breaking through that bottom barrier. That's when the person trying to lose weight gets discouraged and starts to gain again.

Reforming U teaches skills to make informed food choices and quickly prepare a meal. The Fitness part of the program puts the increased energy from a much improved diet to work pushing past workout limits. That Focus part gets down to the business of integrating all of the other stuff into a lifestyle that promotes a healthy and energetic body.

"You shouldn't have to be frustrated with how you look and feel. Cooking at home will help you build energy and achieve a healthy body," Sheila points out.

She is currently giving away her book for free on her website (

About Sheila Ray
Sheila Ray created the Reforming U program from her own experiences with weight loss. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 25. On the other side of her cancer treatments, and after her victory over the cancer, she found herself carrying a lot of extra weight. She set out to lose it and first stumbled over the same blocks as most women. That was when Sheila began educating herself on diet and fitness, which led to her becoming a professional personal trainer. Beyond just being an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) certified Personal Fitness Trainer, her own experience gives her program a special inside knowledge and empathy for what women go through when struggling with weight loss.

Sheila Ray
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