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Weighted Blankets Are Weighted Love: A Look Beyond the Benefits of Weighted Blankets


Silkeborg, Midtjylland -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2014 -- They are more than just security blankets. They are hugs of weighted love.

Weighted blankets are famous as cure for children with autism as they enhance sensory input, relieve anxiety, stress, and other issues related to autism. But researches revealed that the benefits of using weighted blankets are far beyond cure for autistic children. Nowadays, there is an increasing number of parents who patronize the use of weighted blankets to help their kids, especially the high-energy ones get a sound sleep.

Keith Zivalich, product developer of a famous weighted blanket in Valencia, California, said that “The extra pressure on the body is helpful for kids of all kinds, but particularly for kids with autism and sensory processing disorder. The added weight causes the brain to release neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine that improve moods and induce a calming effect.”

Weighted blankets are particularly used to enhance body consciousness, to calm and develop concentration and focus, and to reduce sensory seeking behavior. Considered as life-saving devices, weighted blankets are intensively used by children who are distracted and unorganized so that they may stay focused, to halt the behavior of constantly touching other people and breaking things, stop children from abusing themselves, and deter exhibition acts that eventually develop into fearful and aggressive behaviors when specific sensory stimuli is being sensed. Moreover, these love-hugging blankets help children who are having a hard time sleeping to get proper sleep, cannot focus on a task, feel distressed when transitioning from one activity to another, and help those who are prone to throwing tantrums when in public to calm down.

Weighted blankets are ideal to use for newborn babies, even without being diagnosed with autism. Apart from the warmth embrace of their mothers and family members once they are born, weighted blankets also help in providing them comfort to their yet undeveloped nervous system. Parents have started using this method to make sure that their newborn kids won’t suffer from autism at any point in their lives. Some attest that the use of weighted blankets are even more effective than putting a child in a restraint and discipline him in a military-like way, or give them medicines prescribed by medical specialists in worse case scenarios.

Weighted blankets are now being called by many as a “therapeutic miracle”. These are non-invasive, socially acceptable, subtle and convenient to use so there is really no harming in trying them. Bring therapy to every family’s home and let the children feel the weighted love the moment they are born.

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