Joe Bragg Gives the Lowdown on Bob Harper's Book "The Skinny Rules"


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2012 -- Summer is drawing ever closer and a lot of people will be thinking about shedding a couple of pounds. TV programmes such as the Biggest Loser draw enormous audiences from around the globe and diet and fitness has become big business.

We are continually bombarded with information about diets and exercise and this can be confusing. Celebrities publish their own personal success stories, along with diet tips and exercise regimes that claim to give the reader a perfectly sculpted body within weeks. There is so much information available it’s hard to know which diet to choose.

One site that consumers have been turning to for unbiased reviews on diet related products is The site features a plethora of informative articles on everything from weight loss to exercise plans and reviews of the latest diet products to hit the market.

The latest book to be reviewed by the Weight Loss HQ team is ‘The Skinny Rules; the simple non-negotiable principles for getting to thin’, by Biggest Loser celebrity trainer, Bob Harper. The author concedes that there are many conflicting weight loss tips and his book sets out to simplify the weight loss process. Visitors can read more about the book by going to

The review is clear and concise and gives a brief insight into this latest nutrition weight loss guide. It informs readers that “you can expect to find healthy diet rules that you have seen before. The goal is to create a simple set on non-negotiable principles that you can implement without wondering if it will actually work or not.” According to the team, “Of all the weight loss books, Skinny Rules is one diet book you should consider purchasing”.

The site itself has thousands of pages of editorial content addressing key issues and questions for those people looking to lose weight. The sites is simple to navigate with categories covering exercise, weight loss plans, weight loss tools as well as personal tools like a weight loss diary and calorie calculator.

All the popular diets and weight loss books are also reviewed on the site with a brutal assessment of each of the plans merits and failings. also has an active and open forum where people can discuss weight loss and fitness issues and a link to allow social media fans to engage with the company on Facebook.

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