Weiss AG Launches Its New SaaS Offering

Offers 7 day unlimited free trial period and special release discount


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2020 -- Weiss AG, a leading name in the world of Visual Asset Management has unveiled its new Software as a Service (SaaS) offering with exciting deals that add to its attraction.

The high-tech company has earned its stripes on the back of 3D and 360° capturing hardware and software that has made its mark with top clients from varied industries all over the world. Used for image processing and Visual Asset Management, its products are a cut above the rest.

Right from its first product Civetta to recent hardware project I-Detic, its commitment to top quality is undiminished. That same high quality and functionality endeavor has resulted in the newly launched SaaS for VAM2.

For starters, it enables clients to use Weiss AG technologies virtually anytime and from practically anywhere. Ideal for all professionals working in the tech industry, the SaaS is versatile with its compatibility.

360° images, photogrammetrical images, 3D models, 3D printclouds, URLs, Aerial imaging, webcams, CAD data are just some of the technological compatibilities achieved by it. With VAM2 all results can be managed on one platform making it the perfect solution to meet the needs of end users in the modern digitalized processes.

From collecting and uploading data to managing and structuring information, and collaborating with teams, it has its advantages at every stage. Weiss AG has unveiled different plans on its SaaS offerings to help clients make the right choice based on their requirements.

They can also benefit from the 7 day unlimited trial offer to test out the product and its benefits. The special release party discount of 10% for all orders placed before April 3rd is an added advantage.

About Weiss AG
The German high-tech company is renowned for its 3D and 360° capturing hardware and software that is used for image processing and Visual Asset Management.

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