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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- Every man is blessed with the gift of expression that provides ventilation to personal feeling and thoughts. The realm in which we exist today has more than 7 billion people with their distinct thought process and viewpoints and each of them has the right to express themselves in the most courteous manner. Bonzoi has evolved as a single platform which allows people to express themselves and share a world of thoughts among a community that is dedicated to readers and writers.

Modernization has evolved very vividly in recent past where passionate developers have found it proficient to excel their magnificence with their passion and commitment. Many people have successfully portrayed a social networking site that can connect people from distant places and on the other hand, we also have people who have established online databases in order maintain its use with public at large. However, under these developments, one of the most prolific human activities, that is, reading and writing was being ignored and as a result of which finally a book writing platform was produced in form of Bonzoi. A pool of activities can be managed under this head that includes performing on various collaborations in terms of writing or publishing of books. Additionally, people are free to indulge themselves in any of the activities that they find suitable to them or are interested in. For an instance, many people who were addicted to reading used Bonzoi as a platform for publishing their own writing and well to the surprise of many; they received a very good appreciation from the crowd.

One can easily publish their own writings through this enchanting medium. Even if you are not convinced about your ability, be least bothered as you may take help from one or more of your friends and begin working on let’s write together project. This virtue will not only provide you with the necessary confidence but will also provide you with the vigour and moral to develop into a better writer. Even if writing is not your piece of cake, make sure you try for digital scrapbooks as it shall be another mode of self expression. All men are mortals and one day we shall leave this realm forever, so why not express ourselves to the fullest and let our presence be felt throughout our journey of life. Afterall, we all are here for some time to cry and laugh.

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The website is an online platform that provides the people to promote their literacy through vivid writing and other forms of expression. The system is truly dedicated to intellects such as writers, publishers and readers who have great share of interest in books and writings. Availability of brag books and digital scrapbooks further enhances the ambience of the website.