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Well Known Artist Kenth Bender Offers New Art

After going through many hardships, well known artist kenth bender has decided to pick up the paint brush again.


Gothenburg, Sweden -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2012 -- Back in 1992, Kenth Bender’s paintings were well sought after. Yet, 12-14 of those original paintings, oil on canvas, were either lost or stolen at a group exhibition. 15 years later, after three burglaries and one additional attempted burglary in his store, Kenth Bender moved to a new accommodation. Most of Mr. Bender’s paintings were stolen in 2007.

Three years later, in 2010, Kenth Bender decided that he would start painting again and his next surprise popped up. Mr. Bender was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His rehabilitation took all of 2011 up as well as the beginning of 2012. Recently, he started to pick up his brushes and start work again.

In 2012, from the months of April to September, Mr. Bender was invited to a total of seven galleries from around the world. Currently, he is painting for the upcoming exhibitions, which he plans on attending. After numerous inquiries, he plans on releasing a new edition of Giclée art print – Digigraphie, which is based on one of his original paintings, acrylic on canvas. The subject will be “Climate Change.” It will be based on Earth Wind and Fire – Cityscape done in three sizes. The first edition will be limited to only 125 pieces in each size. All 125 pieces will be numbered and signed.

Mr. Bender has another surprise that he would like to share. A couple of weeks ago, he was diagnosed with a tumour on his back. He seems to be doing very good since he had it removed and he has started a new era in his life where he can begin and meet the fine art energy. Mr. Bender believes in making a sad song better.

Kenth Bender offers a fine art newsletter. The newsletter is titled: “Brushwork Goodies Newsletter” and has a great deal of resourceful information in it.

For more information or to order the brand new Earth Wind & Fire – Ciryscape, Giclée Art Print- Digigraphie visit artist Kenth Bender at: Readers are also encouraged to learn more about: Your Doorway To The World Of Soul - Just Like Poetry - Far & Near Music.

About Kenth Bender
Kenth Bender is a well known artist who was established in 1992. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, he had to take a break from his career. He has currently released new material.

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