in2town Introduce Energy Saving LED Lights to Cut Energy Bills offers the only LED Lighting on sale in the UK that can actually and genuinely replace halogen or incandescent lamps


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2014 -- With high-energy bills and the cost of living increasing with wages not matching, it is important that consumers purchase products that can help reduce their annual bills., a popular online retailer is helping people to reduce their energy bills with their high quality LED lighting.

Chris Stimson who founded, which is a specialist LED retailer and who has over 12 years experience in the LED Lighting industry, explained why every LED Lamp on sale in the UK cannot replace the traditional bulb they claim to….. Until now. is the first UK Company to bring high CRI LED Lamps to the market thanks to a new-patented technology called HALED. With competitive prices consumers are now provided with a genuine low energy alternative to halogens and incandescent.

CRI stands for Colour Rendering Index – It is a method of specifying the colour of light. A CRI rating is given for any light source and calculated out of 100, the higher the score, the better the lamp is at defining colour and the lower the score, the more that light source will distort colour, making objects appear duller. High CRI means Rich and vibrant colours get noticed.

A 50w halogen or a 60w incandescent will have a CRI rating of about 97 out of 100. The majority of LED’s on sale in the UK will have a maximum CRI rating of 80, which is fine, if you just want to illuminate a room (and the lamp has the required lumens), but if you really want to recreate the same quality of light as you have been accustomed to with halogens and incandescent, high CRI is vital.

Chris Stimson said: “Most LED retailers don’t want to talk about CRI. That’s usually because they don’t know what it is or because their products have unimpressive ratings. However they are willingly advertise their products are ‘perfect’ replacements for say a 50w halogen or a 60w incandescent, yet the truth is, without high CRI ratings, they just aren’t “

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