Well-Tailored Books Rereleases Books One and Two of the After Eden Series in Anticipation of Book Three

Well-Tailored Books rereleases “Thy Kingdom Fall” and “Stars & Scorpions” in preparation for Book Three “Rising Leviathan” in the After Eden series.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- Keeping readers on the edge of their seats with a fine mix of visionary sci-fi, dystopian fiction, action, adventure and a race for and against religion Austin Dragon, author of the After Eden book series, rereleases Books One and Two in preparation for Book Three’s launch. Beginning with Dragon’s debut book “Thy Kingdom Fall” on January 23rd, readers can be riveted by an engaging read dipped in a futuristic setting. Set 75 years in the future the book starts with an investigation into a murder of a powerful political “king-maker” in Washington, DC. It is a world of drones, cyber-enhanced law enforcement, smart-cars, smart-houses and “tek”-cities with advanced automation, embedded sensors and surveillance networks that “look out” for residents. The book, sold on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and iTunes Booksellers, then unfolds a wider conspiracy that leads to the outbreak of World War III.

After reader’s engaging venture through the intrigue of Book One Dragon will rerelease Book Two in the After Eden series, “Stars & Scorpions” nationwide. Book Two continues the action in the nation’s capital city in the year 2088 and begins with the president’s attempts to purge religion from the nation’s landscape. Dragon said of the storyline, “In the book, some say the president reacts to the fall of Western Europe to the Supreme Islamic Caliphate. Others say his motives are far more sinister. Regardless, it leads to not just World War Three, but the first global war of their Tek Age.”

In anticipation of the launch of Book Three “Raising Leviathan” Dragon adds, “What makes After Eden unique is that it directly links our current times to this created future. It asks readers what will politics, the state of religion, technology and terrorism be? It’s engaging because the questions are not only volatile, they’re relevant.”

About Austin Dragon
Austin Dragon is a native New Yorker who has been a resident of Los Angeles, California for twenty years. Dragon is the author of the After Eden book series of which there are seven books in all. His career encompasses education, campaign management of presidential and gubernatorial campaigns, and Fortune 500 corporate recruitment.

For more information visit www.afteredenbooks.com. To connect on Facebook and Twitter click on https://www.facebook.com/AfterEdenBooks and https://twitter.com/Austin_Dragon.

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