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Wellness Coaches USA Announces Health Coaching Program for City of Las Vegas


Blue Bell, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2013 -- Wellness Coaches USA announces health coaching program for the City of Las Vegas. Vicky Robinson recently retired as Manager of Risk and Benefits for the City of Las Vegas, NV, near another one of Wellness Coaches USA client, MGM Grand. As the Manager of Risk and Benefits, Vicki was very instrumental in bringing Wellness Coaches USA to the 2800 employees of the City of Las Vegas and she is very glad she did it.

“It’s worked very, very well for us,” she said. “From the first day they were here, they basically integrated themselves into our employee community and by the time they had been here six months, they had fully established relationships.” This is the secret ingredient to the success for Wellness Coaches USA. “The coaches are the most important part, Marketing Officer, Wellness Coaches USA, Gene McGuire said. “The coaches help people to become healthier, safer people. The key is that they do that with virtually everyone.”

Wellness Coaches are embedded into each of the client’s community. For example, at The City of Las Vegas, coaches go to work every day and become part of the team, performing corporate wellness programs. The company has grown into a national powerhouse even through the recent recession. “We had to do something nobody had ever done before which was to send real-live human beings (wellness coaches) into the workplace to work one-on-one with employees, to use the power of interaction, and to change lives personally,” President & Founder, Wellness Coaches, USA, Jay Vandegrift said. Wellness Coaches USA helps employees facing various issues including stress, smoking, exercising, rest, blood pressure and many others, all with a personal touch. If a client needs help from a coach, the coach is right there by their side, able to work with them face-to-face.

Founded in 2002, WCUSA is the most experienced and fully developed onsite wellness coaching provider in the workplace wellness marketplace, and its staff of highly trained, professional onsite wellness coaches is the largest in the country. Further, in recognition of the exceptional levels of improvement in employee population behavioral and health risks that it achieves, WCUSA has become a leading force in the workplace wellness marketplace, truly setting the standard for the very definition of workplace wellness success. WCUSA presently serves over 300 customer locations, in most all business classifications, of all sizes (from 100 employee lives to tens of thousands), in 38 states throughout the country. To see how employers can take their workplace wellness outcomes to the next level, please visit http://www.wellnesscoachesusa.com.