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Wellness Coaches USA Offering Tips for Boosting Workplace Wellness Outcomes


Blue Bell, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- With jobs and workplace environments increasingly causing health risks such as high cholesterol, obesity, poor diets, and stress, there comes a time when employees and employers alike must rely on human interaction and coaching to change their habits and increase the health of those in the workplace. After a highly successful webinar held in November, Wellness Coaches USA is pleased to announce they now have a variety of tips that clients and employers can use towards boosting workplace wellness outcomes.

As the cost of healthcare continues to increase, Wellness Coaches USA Managing Partner, Gene McGuire, put together a seminar for web based individuals that outlined tips and practices for increasing the wellness of the workforce and, in effect, decreasing employee health risks. When an employee needs a boost, whether it be in physical performance, eating habits, or health risk factors like alcohol or tobacco use, it is important that the employees remain engaged in the program and devoted to the process.

The best way to keep employees engaged in wellness coaching is to partake in Onsite Wellness Coaching. Rather than attend events or watch seminars and read up on ways to remain healthy and limit the health risk factors individuals experience on a daily basis, trained professionals will attain employee engagement by offering frequent, private coaching sessions while in the work environment.

To get the full effect of the Wellness Coaches USA webinar and how to tackle the various health obstacles present in employee’s lives, those interested can go here and download the entire PDF document and slideshow presentation for their files. To request the services of Wellness Coaches USA, please contact 1-800-219-2417 today.

Founded in 2002, WCUSA is the most experienced and fully developed onsite wellness coaching provider in the workplace wellness marketplace, and its staff of highly trained, professional onsite wellness coaches is the largest in the country. Further, in recognition of the exceptional levels of improvement in employee population behavioral and health risks that it achieves, WCUSA has become a leading force in the workplace wellness marketplace, truly setting the standard for the very definition of workplace wellness success. WCUSA presently serves over 300 customer locations, in most all business classifications, of all sizes (from 100 employee lives to tens of thousands), in 38 states throughout the country.

To see how employers can take their workplace wellness outcomes to the next level, please visit http://www.wellnesscoachesusa.com.