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Wellness MLM Company Xyngular Announces Revolutionary New Expansion Into the European Market


American Fork, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2014 -- Xyngular, a top wellness MLM company, has just announced that it would like to expand into the European market. The company, which is part of the high quality wellness industry, is excited to bring both their top quality products and the potential for financial freedom to new distributors of Xyngular across Europe. The founders of Xyngular are currently looking for people in many countries, including France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and more, who would like to be part of the Xyngular Europe expansion, and are interested in earning a potentially unlimited income.

Xyngular opened back in December, 2009; from the very beginning, it was apparent that the company would do well and become one of the MLM leaders as well as a key player in the wellness industry. In addition to offering its customers top-quality products, which can boost overall and long-lasting body health, the company also offers a full money back guarantee.

In a statement that was recently released by a spokesperson for Xyngular, one of the company’s top managers recently toured Europe. He came away incredibly impressed with his experience there, and is extremely optimistic about focusing on the European market and working with its citizens on this exciting new business opportunity.

“We are looking for leaders across all of Europe, and we are looking forward to providing people with the chance to work for our top-level company,” he noted.

There are several key things that help to set Xyngular’s MLM system apart from the competition, the company spokesperson said. For example, it offers a reliable, unique and fairest compensation plan in the industry, as well as an opportunity for new distributors to earn a $9,000 bonus in the first three months. Commissions are paid daily, and additional bonuses range from anywhere from $100,000 up to $1 million. People who wish to be part of the Xyngular MLM Europe expansion can be among the 1st in Europe to work for the reputable company.

“You may choose a precise time, when and how you want to work,” noted an article about the MLM Europe expand plans, adding that people may choose to do it as a part-time job, or to carry on working in their regular job and spare themselves and their family the stress associated with the insufficient stable income.

“You may choose your own sphere of people and assemble your own team that you want to work with. With Xyngular you will gain a high support in business. You can work as you wish, but you may also make use of help of other experienced people who are financially interested in your success.”

Anybody who would like to learn more about this exciting new MLM opportunity is welcome to visit the Health in Europe Xyngular website. There, they can read about the opportunity to become a distributor and become part of the reputable company.

About Xyngular
The Xyngular company is now a leader in the fitness and health industry. The products sold by Xyngular help to cleanse the body and boost the metabolism, provide longtime overall body health and do not require strict diet and exercise programs in order to be effective. Xyngular also offers a full 100 percent guarantee on its products. For more information, please visit http://www.healthineurope.eu