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Wellness Shoe Store Launches Fresh New Range of Algeria Shoes, Brand New Website


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2012 -- Everyone has had a similar experience; either a job, social event or other commitment where they’ve had to spend hours at a time on their feet. Soon the downside to their choice in footwear is made painfully clear. The end result? Tired, aching feet.

Thankfully, there’s a new online retailer who wants to address the issue of poor footwear choice. The Wellness Shoe Store is specifically aiming at those who require comfortable, quality footwear that are built to deal with the huge demands many American’s put on their feet daily.

To think about it, it makes perfect sense. All day every day people around the nation are putting their feet through the hard yards, literally. Their feet bear the brunt of their daily activities which means that their shoe choice is absolutely essential. While most retailers focus on fashion and marketing, The Wellness Shoe Store puts its focus straight where it should be; on the health of feet across the nation.

While a huge range of fashionable yet comfortable brands on offer, including the ever-popular Alegria shoes, the team behind the Wellness Shoe Store are committed to ensuring that people from all corners of the country can look great while getting the support and care they require for their footwear. Additionally, the easy-to use design of their fresh new website makes finding the right pair of shoes a breeze.

“We think that the right shoes can go a long way to promote health and wellness,” a spokesman for the Wellness Shoe Store commented recently. “There’s nothing to stop people buying shoes that look absolutely amazing and give them the orthotic support they need to avoid painful feet.” In that way, the shoes offered by the team are a combination of high-fashion and high-comfort, with products such as Orthaheel sandals literally walking off the shelves.

The range stocked by the Wellness Shoe Store is extensive, with many leading brands available at very competitive prices. From traditional styles to something more interesting such as the Sanita clogs, all tastes and types are catered for at the exciting new online destination WellnessShoeStore.com.

Finally, those suffering the trials and tribulations of sore and aching feet have a trusted friend on the web. The Wellness Shoe Store in ensuring that more and more people everywhere have access to supportive, fashionable footwear that isn’t sole destroying.

About The Wellness Shoe Store
Wellness Shoe Store is the leading provider of shoes that promote foot health and wellness. Offering shoes in wide widths with removable, wide width insoles, the Wellness Shoe Store is committed to providing the absolute best in truly supporting footwear. The team behind WellnessShoeStore.com have over 75 years experience in this industry and are the only company that currently offers a free gift with purchase.

For more information, visit http://www.wellnessshoestore.com