ApplenMicro Celebrates 10 Year Renting Luxury Apartment in Bogota


Bogota, Colombia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2013 -- Consider that for most of us on vacation 60% of our money is spent just on lodging or accommodation.  That means that only 40% is actually spent on activities and so on.  And, if you are travelling to Bogota, Colombia you will find that hotel rooms are very expensive.  One hundred dollars a day is very common.  This is why places like are so popular.  This is their tenth anniversary renting their luxury apartment to visitors travelling to Bogota, Colombia.  One spokesperson stated that “we have been in business for so long because we have been able to provide a luxury accommodation in a safe environment for affordable prices.  Our guests are only spending 40% of their budget on their accommodation and 60% on things they want to do in our great city.”

The owner of noted that they have had many customers from all walks of life.  Some of their clients have rented their furnished apartment in Bogota to adopt children.  There is a mini children’s park on the property that kids love.  Other clients rent the apartment while getting a fiancé visa.  One renter comments: “we stayed in this 3 bedroom apartment for two months while getting a fiancé visa at the US embassy.  It was only a few blocks away from the embassy.  We were allowed to bring my fiancés family into the apartment so we saved all kinds of money.  I will never rent a hotel room again in Bogota, Colombia.”

Take into consideration that many people are now travelling to Bogota for cosmetic surgery.  They save lots of money renting a furnished apartment and hiring a private nurse. Go a step further and hire a cook.  They can have their own room.  Each room in the apartment has its own television.  The owners are flexible and try to accommodate their guests.

Imagine if you will that everything is supplied in this apartment.  Most guest love buying fresh fruit and juicing.  A blender is supplied for that purpose.  They also have a toaster, microwave oven, coffee maker, full fridge and a gas/electric stove for their clients.  One thing that is a must is a hot shower and they have that for their guests.

The owner remarks that over the last 10 years that she has met so many foreigners and it has helped her learn English.  The website has been designed to give information on the city of Bogota and her apartment for rent in Bogota, Colombia.

They are celebrating their 10th anniversary renting their luxury but affordable apartment to visitors to Bogota, Colombia.  The business is 100% owned and operated by Colombians.  One spokesperson noted that, “we supply everything in the apartment to make our guests comfortable.  We get lots of repeat customers.”  For more details on renting an apartment in Bogota, Colombia kindly visit