Wendell Marler Seeks $75,000 in Crowdfunding via GoFundMe for Fishing with Heroes

Giving Back to Members of the Military and First Responders with Life-Changing Experiences.


Port Orchard, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2014 -- Not content with just shaking the hand of every soldier and sailor he sees, Wendell wanted to do more to give back and say thank you to members of our military. After a lot of encouragement from his friends and family, Fishing With Heroes was born to give active duty & retired soldiers and sailors as well as first responders a day of fun and fishing.

Mr. Marler leads this non-profit organization that takes active duty & retired Soldiers and First Responders fishing. It doesn’t matter if the people who Wendell takes out fishing have never held a fishing rod or have been lifelong anglers, Wendell gives everyone an unforgettable day that’s easy to enjoy straight from the first minute.

That’s because the Heroes he takes with him don’t need any fishing gear, a boat or even a fishing license. Fishing With Heroes takes care of everything giving everyone a fun-filled, hassle-free day. They even throw some ribs or a brisket on the smoker to provide a great lunch. They’ll even cook up some of the catch of the day if they’d like. If they’d prefer to take their fishing trophies home with them, heroes are treated to the oh-so-helpful service of cleaning all the fish caught before placing them in vacuum-sealed bags to keep their catch fresh.

Wendell has planned a series of fishing trips from among the great lakes & rivers in the greater Pacific Northwest to once-in-a-lifetime fishing excursions that are to say the least far out. “When I first started this a little over a year ago I was looking at it as a way to say Thank You to these HEROES but after this year it’s become something more, something that is really needed.” Mr. Marler said.

What Fishing With Heroes offers is being referred to as Recreational Therapy by Psychologists. To give these HEROES a day on the water where they can just turn their minds off and not have to worry about anything except enjoying the day means more to these Heroes than the public can ever fully appreciate. We can’t begin to imagine what these American Heroes have gone through and continue to endure as they protect our freedom and keep us safe. Giving back is the least we can do to give these unsung and often unrecognized Heroes through a day of fishing, food and fun.

At present, Wendell has the logistical capacity to take 8-12 Heroes a month out on a small private lake but with help sought through crowdfunding, he hopes to be able to take out 8-12 soldiers, sailors and first responders every week. Expansion plans include guided day trips to some of our great lakes & rivers they have in the Pacific Northwest. Future plans including life-changing fishing trips to Alaska and Southern Florida. Long-term goals include a local Fishing With Heroes chapter in every city with a military base.

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